GDBBM – Chapter 620

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Chapter 620: “Personal Attendant (2)”

“Jun Xie! You’ve finally returned! So many big events happened yesterday that put all of us in great shock! You’re lucky you were not here.” Those youths had not even spoken to Jun Wu Xie much previously but after Gu Li Sheng had grandly announced Jun Wu Xie’s identity and status, many in the Zephyr Academy had suddenly felt that they were “rather close” to Jun Wu Xie.

It did not matter whether they had ever communicated with Jun Wu Xie before, but they were all now eagerly solicitous.

Several youths were all shooting their mouths off at the same time, as they raced to tell Jun Wu Xie about the events that happened the day before.

Jun Wu Xie listened to them in silence and the little black cat that was lying in Jun Wu Xie’s arm gave a big long yawn.

The bunch of youths jibbered and jabbered, prattling on. It was only when they saw no reaction from Jun Xie, and he was not even showing his usual impatience but just exhibiting a cold indifference, that they began to feel a little awkward. At the moment that they stopped talking, they noticed the fabulously handsome youth behind Jun Xie, and their eyes bulged, wide with surprise.

They had not noticed when such an amazingly handsome youth had appeared behind Jun Xie. His face was completely unfamiliar to them, but that poise and his looks was something they were unable to disregard.

“Who are you?” Seeing that the youth was not dressed in the uniform of the Zephyr Academy, the youths asked immediately.

Jun Wu Xie was just about to reply when unexpectedly, Jun Wu Yao suddenly took a step forward and said with a smile: “I am the humble personal attendant of Young Master Jun.”

“…..” It was Jun Wu Xie’s turn to widen her eyes in surprise, as she stared at Jun Wu Yao’s profile as he stood there beaming brightly.


Those youths whispered a little among themselves before they quickly turned to leave.

Jun Wu Xie gave Jun Wu Yao a puzzled look and he raised his hand and rubbed Jun Wu Xie’s head affectionately before he said: “If I am to come with you, I do not want to cause you any distress.”

Only an attendant would be able to stick by his Master’s side, isn’t it?

Jun Wu Xie still felt that something did not sit right but she could not put her finger on it, so she could only just agree with a murmured: “Mmm.”

Back at the bamboo grove, Fan Zhuo and Fan Jin were having tea together and when they saw Jun Wu Xie return, Fan Jin shot right up from his chair, his attractive face turning red as beetroot in an instant.

“Lit….. Little Xie….. You….. You are back…..” Fan Jin found that his tongue was tied up in knots and stammered badly as he spoke, his manner greatly flustered and actions klutzy.

And when Fan Jin noticed the highly attractive youth standing behind Jun Wu Xie, he froze suddenly, his flustered expression immediately becoming one of utter shock.

“And this is…..”

“Young Master Jun’s personal attendant.” Jun Wu Yao replied familiarly by now.

On their way here, he had gathered from Jun Wu Xie that in the time that she had been in the Zephyr Academy, Jun Wu Xie had stayed in the little dwelling in this little bamboo grove, and she was on rather familiar terms with the Fan brothers before him.

Jun Wu Yao’s mouth was curled up just slightly at the corners as he silently gauged the Fan brothers undetected. The youth sitting calmly at the table held a normal expression, but the youth right before him was acting a little strange. That beet red handsome face and his flustered actions was sending an undeniable message to Jun Wu Yao.

[Looks like Little Xie really hasn’t been idle all this time, she had attracted quite a significant number of annoying flies.] [Should I squash them?]

Completely unaware that he had been noticed by someone, Fan Jin was currently gauging Jun Wu Yao as well.

As the eldest son of the Headmaster, he had seen countless peerless elites in the Zephyr Academy. But a scant few was able to compare to the youth before his eyes at that moment. His flawlessly unmatchable looks and the aura he gave out, was nothing like what a simple personal attendant would possess.

Fan Jin subconsciously glanced at Jun Wu Xie, but he did not detect anything abnormal on Jun Wu Xie’s face.

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