GDBBM – Chapter 622

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Chapter 622: “Personal Attendant (4)”

Jun Wu Yao’s flawless face had made Fan Zhuo, who possessed rather exemplary looks himself, feeling slightly inferior. He had never seen someone so attractive looking.

“……” [He was not born from the same parents, obviously they wouldn’t look alike.]

Jun Wu Xie grumbled in her mind, but she did not say a word out loud.

Shortly, Fan Jin came back, his face all smiles. He sat down and nagged a while with Fan Zhuo and Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes periodically drifted to look outside throughout the chat. Fan Zhuo noticed Jun Wu Xie’s actions and immediately asked his hopelessly dense brother: “Big brother, where is the brother you brought out earlier?”

Fan Jin replied: “He must be in the kitchen.”

“……..” Fan Zhuo’s face stiffened.

Fan Jin continued to prattle on: “Isn’t it already noon? He said the time was just right for him to prepare lunch for Little Xie, and I did not want to stop him.”

[Fine example of talents nurtured by the Jun Family. He had just come to an unfamiliar place and he was already so diligent. He was the perfect example of one much better than that stubborn and obstinate Ah Jing.]

Fan Zhuo’s mouth was twitching at the corners and he hurriedly turned to look at Jun Wu Xie.

But Jun Wu Xie was only frowning slightly, her brow slightly creased with her head slightly lowered, and no one knew what was going through her mind.

In the kitchen, Jun Wu Yao swept his eyes over the heap of fresh green vegetables and different kinds of meat. The smile on his fabulously handsome face did not wane in the slightest and he had just lifted a huge cabbage in his hand when a black shadow streaked in, giving out a shriek!

“My Lord! Don’t! Nooo! !” A man dressed in all black, looking a little like Ye Sha was suddenly kneeling on the ground before Jun Wu Yao, his face in utter shock, his jet black eyes staring fixedly at the big ball of cabbage in Jun Wu Yao’s hand, as if the cabbage was being immensely and unbelievably offensive.

“Huh?” Jun Wu Yao lifted his eyes and looked at the man.

“We could never allow our noble Lord to desecrate those hands in such menial tasks!” The man grieved and lamented as he looked up at Jun Wu Yao, feeling the affront and humiliation, that his Lord had had to touch a raw and unprepared cabbage.

“Why not?” Jun Wu Yao asked, raising an eyebrow.

“I implore my Lord to reconsider!” The man begged and pleaded, hitting his head on the floor, as if the sky was about to fall at the next moment.

“Ye Mei, you really should learn from Ye Sha.” Jun Wu Yao turned his gaze to look at Ye Sha, who had suddenly appeared at the door.


Ye Sha was kneeling before Jun Wu Yao.

“I implore my Lord to reconsider.”

Jun Wu Yao’s eyes narrowed, suddenly thinking that it was rather dull.

“You guys do it.” He threw down the things in his hands and Jun Wu Yao disappeared in an instant.

After they were certain that Jun Wu Yao had left, Ye Mei and Ye Sha finally heaved a big sigh of relief, their faces looking like a huge burden had just been lifted off their shoulders.

If they had allowed their Lord to taint his hands like this, they would have had to kill themselves for their crime!

The Dark Emperor who terrorized all under the Heavens, must not be allowed to be desecrated in such a manner. They would not allow their Lord to be humiliated like this!

As they exhorted and expounded on their endlessly almighty Lord, their hands began to work on the ingredients before them.

Two tall towering men, with cold and stalwart expressions on their faces, began to busy themselves in a small tiny kitchen, completely unaware of how inappropriate and out of place they looked in there.

Ye Sha stood before the chopping board, and stared at the clumsy and unwieldy chopper, before turning his eyes to look at the flapping carp on the chopping board.

The next moment, he pulled out the gleaming dagger at his hip, and a flash crisscrossed in the air! The entire carp was perfectly cleaned, cut, and gutted! Ye Sha held a perfect skeleton of the fish in his hand, and disposed of it quickly on the side.

Ye Mei’s twin daggers flew in a flurry in the air, and those crisp and fresh vegetables had in the blink of an eye, been cut into bite sized pieces, every single piece the exact same size, without variation.


Throughout the whole process, the two men’s faces were cold and stoic, their eyes chilling to look at. They did not look in the slightest to be preparing a feast, but looked as if they were carrying out a murder.

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