GDBBM – Chapter 619

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Chapter 619: “Personal Attendant (1)”

“Having just absorbed that thing, I was thinking you must be hungry.”

Jun Wu Xie looked at Jun Wu Yao and said: “I can do it myself.”

She reached out and took the leg of rabbit and bit on it. Jun Wu Xie then shifted her body, moving out from Jun Wu Yao’s embrace, and sat on the grass by herself on one side.

Jun Wu Yao did not restrict her and only smiled as he observed Jun Wu Xie as she bit at her food.

Qiao Chu was feeling a little unsteady as he returned to the fire and sat down, the expression on his face a little dazed.

Fei Yan gave him a light slap and asked: “What? Got yourself frightened again?”

Qiao Chu stared at Fei Yan and retorted: “Of course not! I was just thinking….. I feel….. Little Xie’s brother isn’t too bad a person.” [He looked really good when he smiled…..]

Fei Yan was surprised a moment and he asked: “And how did you come to that conclusion?”

Qiao Chu snickered and said: “He smiled at me! He looked fantastic! They might not look alike, but they are both beautiful people.”

The smiles of beautiful people were just too nice to look at.

Fei Yan stared speechlessly at Qiao Chu. [You mean as long as anyone with beautiful looks smiled at you, you would indiscriminately assume that person to be good….. Heavens! Just how dense could you be?]

Fei Yan had never held not much confidence in Qiao Chu’s intelligence all this while and he decided to ignore and disregard the moron this time. He shifted his position and turned to eat, drink and be merry with Rong Ruo and Hua Yao instead.

At dawn the next morning, Long Qi and his men readied themselves to return to the Qi Kingdom. Yin Yan was knocked unconscious and stuffed upon a horse’s back for the journey, while Jun Wu Xie and the others were to return to the Zephyr Academy.

“Together?” Jun Wu Xie looked quizzically at Jun Wu Yao, who had suggested that he would go back to the Zephyr Academy with her.

Jun Wu Yao had always appeared and disappeared whenever he wanted and when he had suggested going to the academy with her this time, Jun Wu Xie had thought it strange.

“We’ve not seen each other for so long, can’t you accompany me a little longer?” Jun Wu Yao asked with a laugh.

Jun Wu Xie did not have an answer to that, and could only nod blankly in reply.

Fei Yan was looking in the direction where Jun Wu Xie was when Fei Yan shook his head, mourning in silence for the disciples in the main division of the Zephyr Academy.

Qiao Chu and his gang were going to return to the branch division and they left first.

Jun Wu Xie stepped into the tent and changed into the Zephyr Academy’s uniform and transformed herself back to the delicate little youth become stepping out slowly from the tent.

As she stepped out, she saw the back of a slender figure standing quietly in the morning sun. Jun Wu Yao’s face was filled with mirth as he turned around, his devilishly handsome face suddenly looking younger and edged with the immaturity of youth.

Jun Wu Xie was taken aback with surprise. The Jun Wu Yao standing before her looked much younger and at a glance, he would easily pass off as a eighteen or nineteen year old handsome teenager, without his usual dominating aura, and felt more like a pretty boy.

The sun shone on the teenage Jun Wu Yao’s face, making the youthful smile on his shine face more brilliantly.

“Looking like this, would not cause Little Xie to feel that it is too much trouble anymore, right?” Jun Wu Yao rubbed at his younger and fresher face. He could no longer remember how long it had been since this countenance had last appeared.

“…..” Jun Wu Xie remained silent.

Compared to Hua Yao’s skill at controlling his bones, Jun Wu Yao’s transformation was intense and incomprehensible. He had not only changed his bone structure, even his skin and vocal chords had completely transformed. If she had not seen Jun Wu Yao’s original looks, Jun Wu Xie would have thought that he was completely different person.

Jun Wu Xie suddenly had a ridiculous thought, even if all the most advanced machines from her past life were brought before Jun Wu Yao now, they would still not be able to determine his real age.

The woods was not too far away from the Zephyr Academy’s main division and the two of them did not take long before they reached the academy.

Jun Wu Xie had just stepped in through the gates of the main division when several youths came rushing towards her.

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