GDBBM – Chapter 62

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Chapter 62: “The Banquet (4)”

At that moment when Mo Qian Yuan had tumbled over, she could pick out a faint floral scent, one that she was very familiar with. In the previous world, there was a type of flower and the extract of that flower could be made into a type of drug. If a person was taking that drug, their clothes would have this faint floral scent on them.

After taking this drug, it would make people all floaty and happy, throwing all their problems away. If taken long-term, it could change a person’s mental capacity. If a person ate it for an extended period, he would turn into a waste very quickly as the drug not only damage a person’s nerves, it also corroded their organs. Moreover, it was highly addictive and if not taken on time, it was as though there were hundreds of ants on them and this extreme discomfort could even cause personality disorders.

Jun Wu Xie did not think that such a vile drug had existed in this world as well and what made her even more surprised was that this scent came from the Crown Prince!

Looking at his disorderly state, it seems that it was not simply excessive drinking of wine but more related to that flower scent emitted.

“The period of him taking the drug seems to be for quite some time.” She touched her chin as she assessed it based on her experience. It seems that he had been taking this drug for a few years, he can’t drag this on for much longer. If he continues, it is estimated he had only two more years left.

It made no difference to her if he lived or died.

However, the Emperor can justify his death and use it as a means to raise the Second Prince, Mo Xuan Fei.

This was something she did not want.

“This man cannot die.” She decided immediately as she narrowed her eyes in determination. It may also be a great opportunity to help a desolate prince and perhaps he may prove useful to change the current State of Qi.

Well, whatever makes her enemy unhappy, she’ll be more than happy to lend a helping hand.

“Grandfather, father saved the prince’s life before?” She asked softly.

“That was a long time ago, your father had just taken over the command of Rui Lin Army. That year, the Crown Prince was born and the Queen was on the way to bring him to visit her family. They met with bandits on the way, luckily your father happened to be in the vicinity and he saved them.” Jun Xian casually replied.

“Mo Qian Yuan’s performance had been pretty good, however, over the past few years he seemed to have undergone a personality change. If he really becomes the King of Qi, perhaps our Lin Palace might not have such a hard time.” Jun Xian sighed, the only promising Crown Prince was now also at stake.

Jun Xian and his sons had saved too many people before, hence he didn’t say much more.

Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes as she looked at the Crown Prince.

From the memory of the previous Wu Xie, she could only find a little bit of rumours on him. Mo Qian Yuan was born six months earlier than Mo Xuan Fei, as the Emperor’s eldest son, once he was born, he was given the title of Crown Prince. When he was young, the common folk had all said that he was talented, modest, mindful and polite, many sang praises of him. At that time, the Emperor too had doted on him and everyone praised him.

All these of course was when the Queen was still around and her family was a large faction that had lots of power. She was still in charge of the harem then.

With the passing of the Queen, the whole country was mourning and Mo Qian Yuan fell terribly ill for three whole months and after his recovery, his temperament had undergone major changes.

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