GDBBM – Chapter 61

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Chapter 61: “The Banquet (3)”

The youth seated by the Emperor was handsome and had similar features to Mo Xuan Fei, however he looked more uninhibited, when the Emperor was conversing with him, his brow was wrinkled. He was donned in a silver silk brocade, however he was dressed quite casually for the occasion as compared to all his guests, with his inner snow white robe peeking out. He was sitting idly with a wine cup in hand.

Although the feast had yet to start, he had already drank a lot, his eyes seemed to be intoxicated but there was still a hint of sharpness.

At first glance, Jun Wu Xie felt something was amiss with the Crown Prince but she said nothing and continued sitting quietly at her seat.

On the other side of the Emperor sat the Second Prince, Mo Xuan Fei was seated with his beautiful lady companion, Bai Yun Xian. The golden couple was smiling and in high spirits as their laughter added to the festive mood.

When viewed from the hall, the contrast between the Crown Prince and Second Prince was apparent.

A beautiful cue presented by the court musicians invited the Emperor to make a toast. Mo Xuan Fei straightened his back and gave a congratulatory speech to his brother and expressed gratitude for everyone’s presence and gifts.

The main lead tonight, Crown Prince Mo Qian Yuan had been silent throughout, sitting at his own corner drinking his wine.

“Qian Yuan, today is your birthday, when you were just born, when you and your mum were in grave danger, luckily Jun Gu saved you both! Today, Lin Wang, Jun Qing and Jun Wu Xie are all present, why don’t you take the opportunity and give a toast to them.” The Emperor smiled and asked the silent Mo Qian Yuan.

Mo Qian Yuan frowned deeper as he contemplated for a short while before taking his wine cup and got up, trying to stabilise himself. He seemed to be a bit drunk as he staggered over.

A lot of ministers secretly shook their heads. People were really not optimistic about this future king as they inwardly judged him.

Mo Qian Yuan held out his cup: “Thank you Lin Palace for your grace.” Without waiting for any response, he downed his whole cup of wine in a single swig.

His actions were very brash and sudden that he lost his balance and tumbled towards the table.

Jun Xian helped the Crown Prince up as the strong smell of alcohol assaulted his nose. Jun Xian couldn’t help but let out a sigh softly.

“Sorry.” Mo Qian Yuan straightened himself as he frowned and tapped his head absentmindedly as he muttered a few more words and went back to his seat.

Jun Wu Xie looked at him as a glint flashed by her deep eyes.

“Meow!” Faint meowing came from her sleeves.

Before entering the banquet, the little black cat had hid itself in her large sleeves, fortunately it was very small and it had gone in unnoticed.

[Mistress, that man has something nasty on him!]

The little black cat had an extraordinary sense of smell and with a whiff of the strong alcoholic smell from the Crown Prince, it sniffed up something bad along with it.

“Mmm.” Jun Wu Xie sat there without moving, the reason which why she herself had an ultra sensitive nose was mainly due to her soul link with the little black cat. In her previous world, this deed was due to that person’s extreme experiments and had her increase her sense of smell by few times, although it was nothing compared to what the little black cat, it was still much more sensitive than an ordinary person’s.

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