GDBBM – Chapter 63

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Chapter 63: “The Banquet (5)”

“Jun Qing also came today? Are you feeling better?” The Emperor smiled gently at Jun Qing.

Jun Qing sat weakly on the wheelchair and as he tried to speak, his breathing became chaotic and he started gasping for his breath.

The Emperor’s face changed immediately and quickly said: “Quick! Imperial Doctors quickly go have a look!”

Upon the Emperor’s order, the two Imperial Doctors on standby quickly rushed over to Jun Qing’s side and attended to him.

During the whole process, Jun Qing’s face was pale and his breathing was very faint.

Jun Wu Xie sat there quietly sipping her tea looking at the two doctors taking the pulse of her uncle.

This uncle of hers was not bad, he added quite a clever touch. The purpose of the Emperor’s invitation to Jun Qing was clear as day. When the Emperor started probing, Jun Qing immediately gave him this opportunity.

Jun Qing’s situation was no different from the previous time they had taken his pulse. His pulse was very weak and his breath was faint… his life seemed to be so fragile and could be extinguished any moment.

After both the Imperial Doctors thoroughly checked, they whispered amongst themselves and turned towards the Emperor with a serious tone, said: “Please pardon us, but we are unable to resolve this for his highness. We can only advise his highness to rest as much as he can and do not cause any unnecessary strain on the heart.” They were very subtle in their diagnosis.

The two Imperial Doctors were helpless and with their diagnosis, Jun Qing was already deemed dead.

The mood was heavy as all the ministers showed a face of regret and remorse, a total different emotion from what they were feeling inside.

“Go prepare some Ginseng.” The Emperor ordered as he gave out a long sigh, giving the impression of a helpless enlightened ruler, he turned to Jun Xian and said: “If there is anything you need, just feel free to speak out. Since today Bai Yun Xian is also present, how about we let her have a look as well?”

Jun Xian got up respectfully: “This humble one is touched and very thankful for Your Majesty’s grace!”

The Emperor nodded and Bai Yun Xian who was seated beside Mo Xuan Fei got up from her seat and walked over to take Jun Qing’s pulse.

Jun Wu Xie rested her chin on her hand and looked at the approaching Bai Yun Xian, her eyes flashed an icy cold glint.


[This old fool is really disgusting, if he had truly wanted to save your uncle, he should have asked Bai Yun Xian to have a look earlier. What use is there to ask her come now?] The little black cat sneered as it puffed it’s chest up unhappily. It naturally sided Jun Wu Xie’s family and was lamenting on the unfair treatment they received.

“She’s not here to see if she’s able to save him but to check whether is he really dying.” Jun Wu Xie calmly assessed. The Emperor thought that he was so smart but to her he was hopelessly stupid.

Want to use Bai Yun Xian to check on Jun Qing? He really regarded that woman too highly.

Qing Yun Clan’s disciple? So what? In her eyes they were nothing but a joke.

Bai Yun Xian carried an air of aloofness as she covered his wrist with a thin cloth and tapped his wrist gently and took his pulse.

Jun Xian was nervous as he looked at Bai Yun Xian.

She was after all not an ordinary doctor but from the famed Qing Yun Clan. He was not sure of how good her abilities were as he had not witnessed them for himself but he knew they had to take this gamble.

His heart was filled with anxiety but when he looked over at Jun Wu Xie, he was surprised that his own granddaughter was preoccupied with the teacup in her hands and too lazy to even look at Bai Yun Xian.

With Jun Wu Xie’s calmness, Jun Xian had a little peace of mind.

Shortly after, Bai Yun Xian straightened herself with a cold and aloof expression: “The Imperial Doctors’ diagnosis was not wrong, my Master had tried his best to neutralise his poison but if my Master can’t even clear his poison, I’m afraid no one can. It is already a miracle that my Master managed to suppress the poison for so many years.” After singing praises of her master, she proudly glanced around the hall.

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