GDBBM – Chapter 611

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Chapter 611: “You’re too “Hawt” & Beautiful (3)”

The moment Jun Wu Xie dismounted from her horse, she went immediately into a tent that had been erected at the side to change into a fresh set of clothes. By the time she came out of the tent, Qiao Chu, Hua Yao, Fei Yan and Rong Ruo were already standing outside, waiting patiently for her.

“Meow?” The black cat was sprawled upon Jun Wu Xie’s arm, swishing its tail leisurely, as it stared lazily at Qiao Chu and gang, who were giving Jun Wu Xie rather strange looks.

Jun Wu Xie tilted her head in bewilderment as she looked at her four companions. Their actions seemed normal, but the way they were looking at her was very different from before.

“Little Xie?” Qiao Chu looked at Jun Wu Xie hesitatingly, speaking with great caution.

“Hmm?” Jun Wu Xie raised an eyebrow.

Qiao Chu suddenly felt a warm surge in his nose. He hurriedly clasped his hands over his nose, tilted his head up to look at the sky, and run away in a fluster to the side.

Jun Wu Xie’s was completely baffled, her eyes filled with uncertainty.

“What is wrong with him?”

Fei Yan had been feeling rather nervous. But after seeing Qiao Chu’s antics, he suddenly burst out laughing.

“Pffft….. Dumb Qiao is just acting stupid as usual. Just ignore him.”

Rong Ruo shook her head in helplessness before she looked at Jun Xie, “I wouldn’t have thought that Little Xie had such a big surprise for us.”

“Surprise?” Jun Wu Xie frowned slightly. “You guys came too late.”

“Too late?” Rong Ruo was puzzled.

“Ning Xin was already dead.” Jun Wu Xie said in all seriousness.

She had intended to treat Qiao Chu and the rest to a good performance but regretfully, they did not arrive in time.

“No….. Not Ning Xin…..” Rong Ruo wanted to laugh as she looked at Jun Wu Xie. The petite little girl was usually very sharp with her wits, but in some certain aspects, it was a wonder how unbelievably dense she could be.

“Not her?” Jun Wu Xie did not understand. She had thought that the surprise Rong Ruo had mentioned was her punishing Ning Xin. Rong Ruo did not know whether she should be laughing or crying, and she just pointed at Jun Wu Xie’s face.

Jun Wu Xie raised her hand to touch her face, but did not seem to find anything wrong.

Seeing their very own Heaven defying little devil in such a rare display of slow wittedness, Rong Ruo suddenly doubled up in laughter.

“My dear Young Miss! You’ve misunderstood me!” Rong Ruo was still laughing as she lifted Jun Wu Xie’s face with her hands. They were both girls and she did not see the need to be inhibited.

“With such a face that can destroy cities and bring down nations, why did you make yourself look so ugly?” Rong Ruo laughed as she spoke. In fact, Jun Wu Xie was not ugly after altering her looks, and could still be considered delicate and attractive. It was just that after seeing her real looks behind that mask, her disguised self could not compare at all, not even a little bit.

Jun Wu Xie was surprised. As intelligent as she was, she had not for a moment considered that what Rong Ruo’s words were talking about, was her looks.

Destroy cities and bring down nations…..

The phrase that she had only heard used by others swam in Jun Wu Xie’s mind, in both her past and present lives, she had never once thought to link those words to herself.

In her mind, whether a person was beautiful or ugly was not a consideration she used to judge people.

As a doctor, no matter who she was looking at, she viewed them with an eye based on how good or bad person was dissected. In regards to how they looked on the outside, she couldn’t really care less.

Her own face, she had seen it countless times, and she did not see that it was any different from others.

“See, when you reveal a face like yours so suddenly to us, you have really frightened our dumb Qiao out of his wits!” Rong Ruo said with a laugh, finding Jun Wu Xie extremely adorable at that moment, acting just like a ignorant and naive kid, her expression utterly confused.

Compared to Jun Wu Xie’s usual cold and logical personality, Rong Ruo found the stark contrast just too endearing.

“I wasn’t frightened!” Qiao Chu exclaimed, while squatting on the side still holding his nose.

With that loud cry, the nosebleed he had tried so hard to stop suddenly surged once more, and flowed back down his throat. The sudden taste of blood in his mouth gagged him and he almost spurted the blood out!

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