GDBBM – Chapter 610

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Chapter 610: “You’re too “Hawt” & Beautiful (2)”

If she got to know that he had almost developed such impertinent thoughts about her, he would not live long!!!

“Can you just be a normal person?” Hua Yao said as he gave the overly agitated Qiao Chu a depreciating glance.

Qiao Chu took several deep breathes to calm himself before he turned back. But the moment he turned back, he found Jun Wu Xie looking right in their direction.

Qiao Chu felt his knees go weak.

The gaze from a flawless beauty, was just impossible to defend against!

Qiao Chu and the others were still painfully oblivious to the strange atmosphere in the Zephyr Academy. They were too preoccupied with being shocked by Jun Wu Xie’s sudden and astounding transformation!

Nangong Xu was the one who finally managed to recover adequately after the series of consecutive shocks to his old heart and noticed Qiao Chu and his companions. Remembering that they had been present at the Battle Spirits Forest that fateful day, he strode quickly up to them and said to them: “The few of you, come.”

Qiao Chu rubbed his nose and all of them followed without a word.

Nangong Xu brought them to come stand right before Jun Wu Xie, and struggling to maintain his calm, he said to Jun Wu Xie: “Miss Jun, these disciples were also present at the scene that day. If there is anything you need to ask them, please ask.”

The four of them in Qiao Chu and gang stood ramrod straight, stiff as wooden blocks before Jun Wu Xie.

In such close proximity, Qiao Chu was feeling rather woozy.

Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes and swept her chilling gaze lightly over Qiao Chu and the others.

Qiao Chu almost swooned.

“Long Qi.” Jun Wu Xie said suddenly.

“Here, Young Miss.”

“Bring these four, I want to interrogate them slowly.”

When Nangong Xu decided to bring Qiao Chu and the others over, he had thought it might soften the tense atmosphere a little, seeing that Ning Xin’s execution had so unnerving. He had not expected Jun Wu Xie to still want to pursue the matter so strongly and was capturing the four disciples for her for interrogation.

Water that has been thrown, milk that has been spilt, can be retrieved. As were his words.

He felt like slapping himself hard. The issue could have been resolved there and then, and who knew what his superfluous actions might lead Jun Wu Xie to stir up further?

Long Qi nodded, but he turned back when he spotted Yin Yan who was still kneeling near Fan Qi’s feet and asked Jun Wu Xie: “Young Miss, what do we do with this one?”

Having been pointed out, Yin Yan suddenly shivered. Having witnessed how the Rui Lin Army had punished Ning Xin, he had completely lost his courage. When he found himself being singled out by Long Qi, he immediately fell over into a dead faint, foaming at the mouth from fright, his body in spasms, writhing on the ground.

Jun Wu Xie barely cast Yin Yan a glance and just said: “Bring him as well.”

Long Qi picked Yin Yan up without a moment’s hesitation, grabbing him easily by the collar, like he would a kitten.

Without another word, Jun Wu Xie turned and began to walk out. Long Qi dragged the unconscious Yin Yan and followed closely behind, while Qiao Chu and his companions trailed behind them.

Soon, only the overly startled people from the Zephyr Academy were left.

Jun Wu Xie and stepped out through the Zephyr Academy gates with all the others and immediately mounted their horses to ride off kicking up a cloud of dust. The Rui Lin Army soldiers who were blocking the gates quickly turned and kicked their war mounts into a gallop after them.

The dark clouds that loomed over the Zephyr Academy began to gradually disperse and the heavy hearts held by the Zephyr Academy’s disciples slowly lost its weight.

“Everyone disperse.” Fan Qi gave out a burdened sigh. Everything that had happened today had completely worn him out.

The disciples amassed by the gates of the Zephyr Academy started to disperse, many still dazed. It seemed like many of them would be haunted by nightmares that very night.

Compared to Ning Xin and Yin Yan’s fate, those disciples who were expelled earlier might have been most fortunate.

The Rui Lin Army did not go far after leaving the Zephyr Academy. They had instead stopped within a tiny woods, and set up camp.

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