GDBBM – Chapter 612

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Chapter 612: “You’re too “Hawt” & Beautiful (4)”

Rong Ruo was laughing out aloud.

With her face held in Rong Ruo’s hands,  Jun Wu Xie’s was frowning slightly, her face still befuddled.

She still did not understand what was going on or what had just happened.

A genius and an idiot were just differentiated by what they knew. At most times, Jun Wu Xie was an unparalleled genius, but in certain aspects, she was just one big ignoramus.

“Say, if that bunch of creeps at the Zephyr Academy were to see Little Xie allowing her face to be pinched and kneaded being by Rong Ruo like this, I wonder what would their reaction will be like?” Fei Yan smiled mischievously as he looked at Jun Wu Xie’s baffled look. If not for the fact that they were of a different sex, he would have gone over and pinched Jun Wu Xie’s tiny face as well.

The little lass was really just too adorable for words!

“They will just all go mad.” Rong Ruo said smilingly.

The fact that the very same Jun Wu Xie who had tortured and killed Ning Xin before the eyes of the entire academy in a gory display would allow Rong Ruo to pinch her face so carelessly would definitely be too drastic a difference for the disciples to accept.

Brushing her fingers over Jun Wu Xie’s soft cheeks, reluctant to let go, Rong Ruo was feeling rather emotional. If she had been a guy, her reaction might have been a lot worse than dumb Qiao.

The soldiers of the Rui Lin Army were standing guard at the perimeters of the camp. For a distance, they were able to see their own Young Miss acting so “intimately” with the group of youths, and their eyes almost fell out out their sockets.

A few of them who were more brusque, drew their swords fully intent on cutting off those offending paws of Rong Ruo’s but were made to back off meekly upon seeing the chilling stare Long Qi was giving them.

The soldiers who got stared at retreated to a corner and squatted together drawing circles on the ground with their fingers in complaint. “Young Miss was being defiled by that little brat, how could the General not do anything….. Are we to allow our Young Miss to be abused like this by a bloke like that?”

They were heartbroken, their Goddess had been desecrated by someone and they weren’t even allowed to to go chop up the blasphemous culprit….. How could the Heavens allow it! ?

Long Qi ignored the group of men whose hearts lay broken in pieces scattered over the ground. He only remained in his spot and turned to look solemnly at Jun Wu Xie with Rong Ruo and the others, and only his eyes showed a rare moment of laughter.

If the Duke and His Highness were to see this scene, it might put their minds a little bit more at ease.

It was only after Rong Ruo and the others was done with appreciating Jun Wu Xie’s face that Jun Wu Xie was able to escape. It was not that she disliked Rong Ruo’s touch, but it was just that she did not know how to react.

She rubbed at her cheeks that were still slightly pink under Rong Ruo’s abuse. While Rong Ruo and Fei Yan were still laughing, she walked over sit down upon a rock.

Long Qi came over at that moment, his face stern, unaccustomed to jokes.

“Young Miss.”

“Hmm?” Jun Wu Xie was still holding her hands over her cheeks as she looked up. The redness on her skin had slightly faded and now tinged her snowy white complexion a slight pink. The clear eyes on the raised face seemed to have lost a little of the usual cold and distant chill, looking at that moment, very much just like an innocent young girl, a little bumbling and coy.

The words in Long Qi’s throat were suddenly stuck. He remained stiffened there a long moment before he hurriedly drew in a deep breath, to quell that sudden thumping of his heart.

He was finally just beginning to understand why the reactions of those youths had been so intense.

The face of their own Young Miss, was really able to deal such an immensely deadly strike!

“Cough, your subordinate would like to ask our Young Miss. What should we do with the disciple we brought in from the Zephyr Academy?” Long Qi composed himself and carried out his duty.

“Bring him back. Hand him over to my Uncle.” Jun Wu Xie said nonchalantly.

Yin Yan might be a little dumb, but his knowledge in the Spirit Healing Technique was still adequate. She had already gotten Gu Li Sheng’s affirmation in regards to this.

All the disciples in the Spirit Healer faculty, although not considered outstanding, but out of all of them there, Yin Yan was considered to possess the highest gift for it.

The Spirit Healing Technique would be very useful to the Rui Lin Army, but as Jun Wu Xie was still not able to return to the Qi Kingdom, she decided she could put Yin Yan to good use.

Who should be kept alive, and who should be disposed of, Jun Wu Xie knew it clearly in her mind.

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