GDBBM – Chapter 60

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Chapter 60: “The Banquet (2)”

Many gasped at the scale of this banquet. The banquet was held at the Crown Prince Palace Wing and one could see that the Emperor really held the Crown Prince birthday in high regard. The main hall was decorated lavishly and the feast itself was pure luxury. Silk brocades with exquisite embroidery could be seen all around as beautifully carved wine glasses out of precious materials graced their presence. The finest dishes were brought out with rare and delectable ingredients in beautiful artistic designs were presented to the guests.

For this banquet alone, how much gold was splurged?

Jun Wu Xie was pushing Jun Qing on the wheelchair, following quietly behind Jun Xian as they entered the banquet hall. A small memory flashed by, in the past, the previous Wu Xie had attended the Crown Prince’s birthday once and that was the time when she had met Mo Xuan Fei and fell for him.

“The Crown Prince doesn’t have it easy as well.” Jun Wu Xie looked at the grandeur surrounding her as she coldly stated her thoughts.

Jun Xian and Jun Qing’s expression stiffened.

Jun Qing was about to say something when Jun Xian suddenly cut it and said: “Wu Xie, why do you think so?”

Jun Wu Xie replied: “If his Majesty really loved the Crown Prince, he would create an image of a benevolent ruler that doesn’t spend the people’s money in such ways. The way I see it, it’s not the case.”

“The Crown Prince’s abode is so luxurious and just for a banquet such extravagance splashed out isn’t it just for all to see?” She stated everything very matter of factly, in front of her this beautiful scene was just like an invisible shackle.

Jun Xian widened his eyes in shock, he did not think that the young Wu Xie could see through the secret.

Jun Xian glanced at the servants walking in front of them as he whispered softly: “His Royal Crown Prince was born by the Queen, her own family was very powerful which enabled her to sit on the Queen’s throne. In just a few years after her death, her family also faced an unexpected calamity and their power declined tremendously.”

Jun Wu Xie finally understood, the only reason why the Crown Prince could hold on to his title was because of his Mother’s side of the family, not because the Emperor favoured him. From the look of things, with the decline of the Crown Prince’s support, the Emperor seemed to have started making his move.

To say the least, the current Crown Prince’s predicament was similar to Lin Palace.

Without a powerful backing, the Emperor who was previously helpless before them had his own designs.

However his schemes really ran deep, even when dealing with the Crown Prince, he portrays it as if he doted heavily on this son of his.

“Then who does His Majesty actually favor?” Jun Wu Xie asked softly.

“The Second Prince.” Jun Xian answered coldly.

Jun Wu Xie suddenly realised how everything fell into place. No wonder Mo Xuan Fei was so persistent on pursuing Bai Yun Xian, her identity itself could boost him up to take over the coveted position of Crown Prince. If they were engaged, it was a great opportunity to make the favored son the Crown Prince instead.

“He have eyes but fail to see, how ignorant.” she scoffed.

Although she did not know the Crown Prince very well, however in the eyes of Jun Wu Xie, Mo Xuan Fei’s personality was rotten to the core.

Even a lump of **** was better than Mo Xuan Fei.

Jun Xian laughed, although his little princess did not talk much, her mouth was really quite toxic.

After all the ministers have arrived and sat at their seats, the Emperor turned to his right and whispered something to the handsome youth seated by his side.

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