GDBBM – Chapter 609

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Chapter 609: “You’re too “Hawt” & Beautiful (1)”

“God darn! Do I really look that ugly? That guy that actually vomited!!” Qiao Chu stared vehemently at the disciples who had gone to the walls in groups to vomit, and this one the first time that Qiao Chu grew really doubtful of his own looks.

Fei Yan looked at Qiao Chu speechlessly and kindly patted him on the back and said: “You think too much of yourself, I think the reason they are all puking should be because of that…..”

As he spoke, Fei Yan pointed with his finger. Qiao Chu turned in the direction the finger was pointing, and he saw a scene painted in a sea of blood red. In an area clear of disciples just by the gates, there was a badly mutilated corpse that had been broken in two at the hip, lying in the ground in a large pool of blood. Around the grisly corpse, lay many of its internal organs and intestines, a truly horrifying and gruesome sight.

Qiao Chu stiffened at the gory scene before his eyes. Why did they have to witnessed such a disgusting sight the moment they just arrived?

When Qiao Chu recovered enough to raise his head, he next saw Long Qi, who was standing near the corpse, and when he swung his gaze to look at the next person…..

Qiao Chu completely froze.

A flawless and mesmerizing young girl was standing in the distance, cold and frosty. Her pure white dress struck a stark contrast against the sea of red, but what really struck Qiao Chu most, was not that mesmerizing face, but it was the pair of all too familiar eyes.

Cold and distant!

“I….. I….. I….. I am….. am see….. seeing things…..” Qiao Chu stammered violently as he tried to speak.

“I….. see a mesmerizing beauty….. that has eyes….. exactly….. like Little Xie…..”

His eyes must be playing tricks on him!

Jun Xie might have delicate features, but she didn’t possess looks that brought down cities like that. Even if she changed into female clothing, she would at most turn into a delicate beauty, and won’t be come close to becoming a flawless beauty like this.

But, even though their looks shared not a single bit of similarity, how were….. those eyes making him strongly feel they looked exactly the same?

Qiao Chu was not the only one dumbstruck. Hua Yao’s, Fei Yan’s and Rong Ruo’s expressions were all showing bewilderment and utter disbelief.

Just when they were all doubting their own guesses, they suddenly noticed a furry black tail, sweep out from within Jun Wu Xie’s sleeve.

That very brief glimpse, however made all of them gasp!

That was definitely the little black cat’s tail!

“Is that really….. Little Xie?” Qiao Chu’s tongue was getting tangled in his speech.

“I feel it might just be…..” Fei Yan’s eyes were rather dazed.

“This is really rather….. shocking.” Rong Ruo struggled to maintain her composure and tried to maintain a calm expression on her face, but the slight twitch that tugged at the corner of her mouth betrayed the shock she was feeling inside.

Hua Yao’s reaction was the calmest among them, but his slightly widened eyes showed that he did not feel too differently from his other three companions.

“Wait! Wait! Let me calm myself!” Qiao Chu stared at Jun Wu Xie for a very long while, and he suddenly felt his cheeks burn and his face flushed a bright scarlet. He hurriedly turned his head away and clutched at his chest to say in a low voice: “That’s just outrageous! When Little Xie sports such a face like that, it’s just….. I was almost cheated myself!”

With looks that was able to take down cities and ruin nations, it had been hidden under that mask of delicate features all this time. Having gotten so used to Jun Wu Xie’s altered looks, and seeing her genuine unmasked face now, gave Qiao Chu and the others an unbelievable shock!

“That is Little Xie, that is a unimaginably cruel and vicious little demoness! I must calm myself! That is no ordinary little lass!!!” Qiao Chu was trying his very best to calm his furiously beating heart, that was seemingly threatening to jump out of his chest.

He had almost fallen in love at first sight! But he had realized that it was actually Jun Wu Xie whom he was terrified of himself! That truth made him see that there was nothing for him to get overly excited about.

Before he was even able to savour the marvelous feeling of falling in love at first sight, Qiao Chu was already feeling like he had immediately fallen out of love…..

Who in the world would be able to tame that little demoness!!!

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