GDBBM – Chapter 608

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Chapter 608: “Seventh Slap (15)”

Fan Qi had been painfully aware that Jun Wu Xie had wanted Ning Xin dead right from the start. But Jun Wu Xie did not grant Ning Xin a quick and easy death. She had crushed Ning Xin’s arrogance and loftiness bit by bit. Jun Wu Xie had allowed Ning Xin to harbour a glimmer of hope for survival while Ning Xin was hovering on the verge of death, and just when that hope was clearly so close to fulfilment, Jun Wu Xie finally extinguished it, bring her life to an irrecoverable end.

Fan Qi could not understand how such a young girl could possibly be so vicious and capable of such cruelty.

But the one thing he knew, was that after this day, not a single disciple in the Zephyr Academy would dare go against the Rui Lin Army again.

Not because they possessed the famed reputation of being the most ferocious strike force, but because all of them were now all aware, that the Jun Family had an incredibly vicious and merciless Young Miss!

Gathered around the humongous gates of the Zephyr Academy, there wasn’t a single peep heard from the big crowd of disciples. All of them had been overwhelmed by the shocking scene they had just witnessed and were all frozen stiff from fright.

Offend the Heavens, offend the Earth….. Never think of offending the Rui Lin Army!

That became the unspoken consensus among the all the disciples of the Zephyr Academy that day.

And everything that happened today became an indelible memory, forever burned into the minds of the disciples. Even when many of them gained fame and success in the far future, they were still haunted by an unexplainable deep seated fear whenever the Rui Lin Army and the Lin Palace were mentioned.

In the deathly silence, several lively figures suddenly walked in through the Zephyr Academy’s main gates.

“What is going on here?” Qiao Chu had detected the pungent smell of blood from far away, and when they arrived at the Zephyr Academy’s gates, they were met with a whole company of silver armoured soldiers sitting atop tall warhorses, blocking up the entrance.

The Rui Lin Army soldiers turned uniformly to stare at Qiao Chu and his gang, their steely gazes giving out an oppressive aura. They were sure about to ask the soldiers to make way when one man among the soldiers suddenly jumped off his tall horse.

“Young masters, it’s been a long time.” The soldier grinned as he said in greeting.

Qiao Chu blinked blankly, as he stared at the heroic looking soldier, racking his brains to think where he could have met someone like this before!

“Rui Lin Army! Ah ha! We met in the Battle Spirits Forest!” Qiao Chu said, roaring with laughter.

The teacher who had been tasked with bringing Qiao Chu and his gang here stared, his eyes wide with surprise, when he saw Qiao Chu speaking so familiarly with the soldier from the famously ferocious Rui Lin Army, and his eyes almost popped out of their sockets when Qiao Chu roared out with laughter before the soldier.

The soldier smiled amicably and when he spotted the shocked teacher eyeing him, he turned and the friendly smile immediately disappeared. Under the soldier’s terrifying glare, the teacher immediately shrank back and retreated to one side, not daring to say a single word.

Only when the soldier’s gaze moved on to survey the rest and he saw Hua Yao, Rong Ruo and Fei Yan, did the smile come back onto the Rui Lin Army soldier’s face.

“General Long and the Young Miss are inside, hurry up and go in.”

Qiao Chu and the others nodded smilingly and the troops blocking the entrance into the Zephyr Academy immediately shifted to open up a path to allow them passage. After they entered the premises, the soldiers quickly moved back, blocking up the entrance once again.

The teacher who was left outside alone, had no choice but to remain in a corner, not daring to even approach one step closer.

Qiao Chu and the others walked quickly into the Zephyr Academy, but they quickly found that a big mass of disciples had congregated around the gates. What they found stranger though, was that all the disciples were not making a single noise, they just stood in their spots stiffly, their complexion all ashen.

“What is wrong with all of them? They all seem like they had seen a ghost!” Qiao Chu whispered to the others.

They had received a message from one of the teachers earlier, that they were to come to the main division quickly. And the moment they had stepped in here, they had immediately felt that something was amiss.

All the other disciples, even upon seeing Qiao Chu and the others come in, had still not said a word. They had only glanced at them once, and quickly turned their heads back to where they had been looking. There were even some disciples who had not been able to stomach the gore, and had run out from among the crowd, and vomited along the wall.

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