GDBBM – Chapter 607

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Chapter 607: “Seventh Slap (14)”

*this chapter contains rather gory descriptions. Reading discretion is advised for those a little squirmy or those with rich vivid imaginations. You have been warned!

In an era where a woman’s worth was judged largely based on beauty and poise, which girl especially one who was just budding in her youth would not treasure her looks? However, Long Qi’s mercilessly cruel whip seemed wholly intent on completely destroying that beautiful but hypocritical face!

Ning Xin was crying blood in her heart, pleading and begging, for all the countless pairs of judgemental eyes directed at her were seemingly telling her how hideous and repulsive she was looking now.

[Do not look……] [Do not look please! ! !]

Ning Xin was screaming in her mind, her looks, her pride, were being crushed into dust at that moment. Everything she held dearest to her heart, was being torn away from her.

And in this moment where she was at her most wretched, and with all of the humiliation done upon her exposed before all the disciples of the Zephyr Academy, she had nowhere to hide. Her hypocrisy was opened up for all to see, her beautiful looks were being destroyed, and there was almost not a single portion of the flesh on her body that was still whole. The way Ning Xin looked at that moment, was even more hideous and more disgusting than the filthy wart covered beggars in the streets!

Thirty lashes….. Long Qi was already at twenty nine. Although Ning Xin was undeniably weak, but none of the individual wounds inflicted on her was singularly mortal. Ning Rui had his fists tightly clenched, and the rage and hatred he harboured in his heart made him feel like he would like nothing more than to shred and tear Jun Wu Xie and the others into pieces where they were standing.

[One more lash, just one more…..] [It will be fine, things will turn out fine!]

As long as Ning Xin retains her life, he would have many ways to let her regain everything. Even though they would not be able to remain in the Zephyr Academy, there were many other better places he could place her in!
As long as she pulls through this last lash, he can still turn everything around!

Ning Rui’s fists were clenched so tightly his knuckles had turned white. He stared at the long whip in Long Qi’s hand, he was preparing himself. The moment that last lash of the whip landed, he would rush in to rescue Ning Xin.

As Long Qi was throwing out the final swing of his arm for the last lash of the whip, he suddenly pulled back. After a moment’s hesitation, he suddenly raised his arm once more!

That last lash, did not fly towards Ning Xin’s face or her torso, but was aimed right around the hip region!
Most of the flesh on the lower body had already been pummeled into a gory mess by the hundred paddles from before, and when the portion of flesh that was still joined was struck by Long Qi’s powerful lash of the whip, Ning Xin’s body split open and burst with the impact!

Ning Xin’s body split into two halves, snapped in two at the hip with Long Qi’s unnaturally powerful lash of the whip thrown out with all his strength. All the internal organs and intestines spilled out from the split and heaped on the ground!

That was the moment that Ning Xin breathed her last.

Even till the last moment of death, her eyes had been filled with despair and grudge.
Ning Rui’s mind exploded!

He staggered and fell back a few steps, unable to believe what he was seeing!

He had needed to wait for just one final lash of the whip, but that one lash had taken Ning Xin’s life. With Ning Xin’s body broken in two, even if the gods descended, they would not be able to put her back together!

When he had sunk deep in despair, a tiny glimmer of hope had been given to him. At right at the final moment, that hope had been snatched from him and he was pushed over the edge into the abyss.

Ning Rui felt all his strength completely drained from him, and only with the disciples’ support, was he able to stand. He stared blankly at Ning Xin’s body, unable to accept the fact that his daughter had died.

“The punishment has been executed and the matter is hereby resolved.” After having quietly witnessed Ning Xin slowly approach and finally meet her death, and having enjoyed Ning Rui’s current look of utter despair on his face, Jun Wu Xie lightly stated in a condescending tone to bring the issue to a close.

Fan Qi’s face was white as a ghost. Although he had just come to realize Ning Xin’s duplicity and vicious nature, but seeing with his own eyes how Ning Xin was slowly tormented till death had still been extremely horrifying and traumatic for him.

Throughout the whole time the sentence was being carried out, Jun Wu Xie had not even batted an eyelid. Fan Qi was suddenly frightened by the cold callousness of the Young Miss of the Jun Family.

“Yes….. Yes…..” Leaning against Fan Jin’s support, Fan Qi replied weakly, his voice almost a whisper.


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