GDBBM – Chapter 606

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Chapter 606: “Seventh Slap (13)”

Yin Yan’s earlier betrayal when he had revealed everything with his accusations, had already sealed her fate of damnation…..

Just before she had realized Jun Wu Xie’s identity, Ning Xin had still held a sliver of hope. But now, she had fallen into the deepest pits of of despair!

Jun Wu Xie would never allow her to live….. Never…..

Ning Xin at that moment was filled with utmost regret, if she had known of Jun Wu Xie’s identity earlier, she wouldn’t have dared to offend someone like Jun Wu Xie for anything in the world.

However, her regret had come much too late.

Nobody had thought that Ning Xin would survive till now. Ning Rui who had decided to give up on Ning Xin earlier suddenly thought of the same thing his daughter had considered earlier. He wanted to speak, but hesitated repeatedly. Finally, he could not hold himself back and he stepped forward to ask: “Miss Jun.”

Jun Wu Xie shot Ning Rui a scathing glance.

“Although Ning Xin had committed an unpardonable crime, but blood is nevertheless still thicker than water. I might have said I’ll disown this daughter of mine, but may I ask Miss Jun that if Ning Xin manages to live through the Rui Lin Army’s punishment under martial law, would that mean that she is absolved thereafter?” Ning Rui was feeling rather edgy being under Jun Wu Xie’s gaze.

Jun Wu Xie averted her gaze and said emotionlessly: “Yes.”

Ning Rui secretly sighed in relief. Everyone present would all feel the same. After having survived the most brutal one hundred paddles, she just might be able to make it through the next thirty lashes of the whip.

Ning Xin saw Ning Rui putting up his last struggles, and her eyes filled further with despair.

How she wished she could tell her father that she had no chance to live. She wanted to tell Ning Rui that the coldly arrogant Young Miss of the Jun Family before them was the very same person that Gu Li Sheng had personally invited to return back to the Spirit Healer faculty, the very same Jun Xie.

The reason that Jun Xie had suddenly left the Zephyr Academy was no coincidence, but a situation that had been carefully planned out by Jun Wu Xie, in order for her to appear her today using her real identity, to execute the punishment due on those that had stirred up the murder within her!

Ning Xin tried to open her mouth despite the pain it brought her, but she found that her dry and parched throat would not even make a single sound.

“Long Qi, begin.” Jun Wu Xie was not in the mood to hear anymore of Ning Xin’s nonsense and gave her order curtly.

The other end of the long whip gripped in Long Qi’s hand ripped through the air with a loud whistling crack, as it shot straight towards Ning Xin!

The first strike of the whip cracked upon the face that Ning Xin had always thought was irresistibly beautiful. The wicked sting from the single lash added a deep red gash on Ning Xin’s face suddenly. The bloody gash opened up from above the bridge of her nose and tore all the way through her cheek, ending at her shoulder blade.

Ning Xin gave out an terribly anguished wail, her voice sounded hoarse and broken as the scream tore out of her throat.

Nothing else would have caused her more suffering than destroying her beautiful face that she was so proud of.

The burning pain on her face stung endlessly, reminding her of the fact that her looks had been completely destroyed with that single strike from the whip. Her beautiful features had been taken from her mercilessly!

The whip in Long Qi’s hand continued to fly. No one knew whether it was done intentionally, but with every crack of the whip, the tip would always find itself over a part of Ning Xin’s tiny face. Although it hurt less than it would have if the whip had struck the body, but a lady’s flesh was most tender on the face and would not stand up to the lash of a whip.

In mere moments, Ning Xin’s face that had been considered beautiful and alluring was already crisscrossed with red gashes left by the whip. The torn flesh left gaping wounds and blood flowed freely down. The number of wounds grew and began to fill on her face. The once pretty looks had completely disappeared under the glaring blood red mess!

Witnessing such a young, alluring and delicate beauty turning into a hideous monster that now looked a nightmare made all the disciples of the Zephyr Academy cover their mouths, hiding the screams that threatened to burst out of their throats!

It’s just too wicked!

Women lived by their looks…..

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