GDBBM – Chapter 605

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Chapter 605: “Seventh Slap (12)”

Even though the two soldiers from the Rui Lin Army were merciless, they knew exactly what they were doing. Although their swings of the paddle tore her flesh and broke her bones, they would not allow Ning Xin to breathe her last. The full punishment of one hundred paddles and thirty lashes must be meted out in its entirety, and they would not allow Ning Xin to escape a single strike!

As venomous as Ning Rui was, he was nevertheless still shocked by what he was seeing. He stared panic stricken at Ning Xin, whose lower body was already a bloody mass, unable to believe that was his beautiful daughter, lying on the ground.

He wanted to go forward, but was cowered into submission and he could only watch on with his own eyes as Ning Xin suffered under the merciless beating.

One hundred paddles, and meted out by burly soldiers. Even the average man might not be able to survive it, but Ning Xin managed to barely hold up through the hundred paddles. After the beatings from the paddle, Ning Xin felt like she would die from the unbelievable pain that wrecked at her, but somehow, she was still able to retain a sliver of consciousness.

And it was that same sliver of consciousness, that cruelly made her suffer, a fate worse than death.

The excruciating pain wrecking at her person, felt as if her spine was being crushed bit by bit.

Ning Xin lifted up by the two soldiers from the Rui Lin Army. Her lower body was already a gory mess and although her breath came in weak gasps, she was still aware and conscious. Her long hair was badly messed up and hung in wisps all over her, with clumps stuck onto the bloody mess around her lower body.

The hundred paddles were finished, and next would come the thirty lashes of the whip…..

And Long Qi would personally serve out the whipping.

Ning Xin raised her head weakly, and looked past Long Qi to see Jun Wu Xie standing on one side.

She had not thought that she would pull through the hundred paddles. She had assumed that she would have died while undergoing the punishment, but unexpectedly, she was still alive.

Compared to the one hundred paddles, the thirty lashes sounded like it might be less of a torment, and Ning Xin felt a tiny spark of hope ignite from within the overwhelming despair enshrouding her.

Jun Wu Xie had only ordered for her to be punished according to the Rui Lin Army’s martial law. Would that mean that if she manages to survive through it all, she would be able to live?

She saw a thin sliver of light from within the encompassing doom and Ning Xin could not help herself but allow herself to yearn to live. And that longing made her mind incomparably conscious, which would force her to feel every ounce of the torment, that was to come right after.

With her mind cleared, Ning Xin spotted something that was previously hidden. When saw the tiny head of a little black cat peek out from within Jun Wu Xie’s sleeves, Ning Xin’s mind exploded with an astounding revelation!

That little black cat, was only as big as a person’s palm. Hidden within Jun Wu Xie’s wide and voluminous sleeves, it had remained well hidden from everyone where Jun Wu Xie stood. It was only from the angle where she was, that she could see.

Upon the sight of the little black cat, Ning Xin suddenly found herself frozen. The pain upon her body was dulled by the shocking realization, and she felt a cold freezing chill run through her.

All this while in the Zephyr Academy, there was only one person, who no matter where he went, would always have his ring spirit which resembled a little black cat, by his side.

Jun Xie….. Jun Wu Xie…..

Ning Xin’s eyes widened in incredulity. At that moment, she finally realized that all her previous acts had been done in hopeless futility.

Besides their looks, she realized that Jun Xie and Jun Wu Xie differed only by a single character, their body shape and size were extremely similar and especially those cold and penetrating eyes, they were in actuality one and the same!

Jun Xie was in reality, Jun Wu Xie!

That brat that had been thoroughly despised by everyone within the Zephyr Academy all this time was in fact the Young Miss of the Rui Lin Army!!

No wonder…..

No wonder when they were in the Battle Spirits Forest, Jun Xie had suddenly rushed in to saved Long Qi and his men!

Ning Xin wanted to laugh, but the excruciating pain that was still bashing at her did not allow her enough energy to even open her mouth to speak. She was only able to stare at Jun Wu Xie with her eyes, as they flashed with unimaginable hatred and helplessness.

It dawned on her, that the first step she took then, couldn’t have been more wrong.

Jun Wu Xie wasn’t just a disciple that Gu Li Sheng favoured, she was the Young Miss of the Lin Palace as well!


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