GDBBM – Chapter 604

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Chapter 604: “Seventh Slap (11)”

He had already played the role of a physically and mentally exhausted father so brilliantly and had fully immersed himself into it, but Jun Wu Xie was still not moved in the least.

Long Qi gave out a command and two Rui Lin Army soldiers slipped off their horses immediately and quickly came in through the Zephyr Academy’s gates. Both the two soldiers were each seen to be holding a wooden paddle six foot long and two inches thick as they had strode in.

At the sight of the two Rui Lin Army soldiers, Ning Rui felt as if his world seemed to be darkening as a sense of ominous premonition filled his heart.

“As per our martial law, the punishment is thirty lashes of the whip, with a hundred paddles.” Long Qi said emotionlessly.

Thirty lashes….. One hundred paddles! ?

When all the disciples of the Zephyr Academy heard those numbers, they turned to look at the two big and burly soldiers from the Rui Lin Army, and a tingle crawled over their scalps.

With Ning Xin’s young and feminine body, it was deemed she would not be able to hold up through the ordeal. Just either one of the punishments alone would be able to take her life.

“No….. no…..” Ning Xin shaking like a leaf as she looked at the two approaching soldiers. The huge and heavy paddles sent chills up her spine. She had thought that even if she was to die for her crime, it would be by a clean thrust of a sword. Never had she guessed, that Jun Wu Xie had no intentions of letting her die so easily.

Long Qi’s steel grip was clasped upon Ning Xin’s shoulder, his strong hand holding Ning Xin from struggling. Even summoning every single ounce of strength she possessed, Ning Xin wasn’t able to move an inch away from the horrifying sight approaching her.

The force pressing down on her shoulder made Ning Xin unable to resist and she was forced to remain pressed to the ground. Her eyes were wide open and horror filled. The place was filled with the disciples of the Zephyr Academy and everyone was staring at her, seeing her in such a humiliating and sorry state.

All the disciples that she had always felt were unworthy of her notice…..

“Begin.” Long Qi shouted. The two strong and burly soldiers standing on each side of Ning Xin raised their paddles gripped in their hands and smashed them down mercilessly!


The paddle landed on flesh, and the smack sounded clearly in the air.

The loud noise frightened all the youths gathered and they could not help but shiver uncontrollably.


The first smack of the paddle already gave Ning Xin unbearable pain. Her face was suddenly drained of blood and her tears flowed down her cheeks unbridled.

The soldiers from the Rui Lin Army showed no mercy and did not hold back the slightest. The paddles went up and down, alternately smashing onto Ning Xin’s body, a chilling sight. With just a few strokes of the paddle, Ning Xin’s buttocks were already bleeding. The bright red blood stained through her clothes and with the intense pain being inflicted, her body was convulsing. She gritted her teeth and her hands clawed the air in vain as she struggled to escape.

Long Qi lowered himself and held down Ning Xin’s shoulders firmly, not giving her any opportunity to struggle free.

The thick and heavy paddles rose and fell, stained red with blood. Blood droplets sprayed and fell around the two soldiers. On the pristine white marble floor of the Zephyr Academy, red spots appeared, and soon a chilling scarlet flower of blood blossomed on the marble, creating a truly grisly sight.

Ning Xin already did not possess enough strength to even groan and she had clenched her jaw so tight that a trail of blood had seeped out from the tiny gaps between her teeth, and through the corner of her split mouth, to drip upon the ground below her. Her eyes were red and bloodshot, and under all the madness, she could still see the many faces surrounding her all around.

[Don’t look at me….. don’t look at me…..] [Why would you torture me like that?] [Why put me into such a miserable state?] [Even in death, why can’t I be granted a quick death?]

The extreme pain she was feeling in her lower body caused her body to be bathed in cold sweat, she could just imagine how wretched and disgusting she must look now.

All this time, she had been most concerned of her image. And today, all of that had, before the eyes of all the disciples of the academy, been completely destroyed.

The acute pain and the devastating humiliation she was suffering under made Ning Xin wish fervently that she could just die at that very instance.

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  1. Tinchen says:

    ty for the chap
    also… serves her right!!!
    even if it is a tiny bit cruel… i mean she is no soldier just a tiny insignificant student

    • ComeOnBunny says:

      I feel bad for Fan Jin for witnessing it. I was hoping with all my heart and soul Fan Jin would be spared from seeing how Ning Xin is killed.

  2. joybean says:

    wow. a literal ass-whooping.

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