GDBBM – Chapter 59

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Chapter 59: “The Banquet (1)”

“I won’t call for a dog that bites.” Jun Wu Xie casually said while stroking the little black cat’s smooth fur.

Want to stab her in the back? Well, she must first give you an opportunity for that.

In the past, she only trusted her back with one person. In this world, she wouldn’t give anyone that chance other than Jun Xian and Jun Qing.

Seeing that she understood his meaning, Jun Qing laughed.

Sometimes he felt that his little niece grew up way too fast. Her perception and mentality seemed to have gone through an enormous change overnight – fortunately it was a good change.

More and more carriages entered and dropped off various important Ministers of the State as the crowd trickled in to join in the celebration of the Crown Prince’s birthday. While waiting to enter the banquet, all the guests entered from the side door and were ushered into a large waiting reception area.

When it was finally their turn as the carriage arrived at the side door, Long Qi prepared the wheelchair, assisted Jun Qing and took a thin blanket to cover his legs.

With the arrival of the three generations of the Jun Family, there was a huge commotion as many shifted their attention to the newly arrived guests.

Jun Xian was like a sleeping tiger, although he had more wrinkles over the years, no one dared to underestimate him. By his side was a young maiden who was an alluring beauty. She was like a little flower bud which had yet to bloom. In a few years, she definitely would be a beauty that could topple nations! She seemed to grow more beautiful each time they saw her.

In terms of appearance, very few could rival this precious flower from the Lin Palace, however everyone knew under this beautiful exterior lay a hot tempered fiery girl who could burn them easily and she brought trouble wherever she went! Jun Wu Xie’s notoriety was known throughout, no one dared to treat her as a well behaved little rabbit!

However now the one that they were most concerned about was the handsome man sitting on the wheelchair.

Although he sat there quietly with his pale face, one could tell he had quite a bit of difficulty even breathing. His raspy and disorderly breathing could be heard, gripping people’s hearts as they hear him struggling for his breath.

It was known that Jun Qing was in a bad shape for quite some time and everyone speculated that he would have died after a few days when Jun Xian forced his way into the palace asking for all the Royal Doctors. With one look at Jun Qing today, one did not need to be well versed in medicine to tell that he was really hanging onto his life by a fine thread. Even if Jun Xian used up all the precious herbs, nothing would be able to save his son.

Affirming their own notions, they looked over at Jun Xian and saw him brooding, this further confirmed their own speculation.

Some ministers went over and offered him some words of encouragement, portraying a noble front and disappeared into the crowd soon after.

This whole facade went on as both father and son played the victims and looked vulnerable. Jun Wu Xie on the other hand, was totally ignored.

Compared to Jun Qing’s imminent death, being dumped by Mo Xuan Fei paled in comparison.

Anyway the impending fall of Lin Palace was nearing, what can this outrageous tyrannical little girl do? She seemed to have toned down a lot from previous occasions. At least she knew her place – various inner thoughts and whisperings went around masked with bright smiles and vibrant music. Regardless of what’s happening on the surface, everyone had deemed Lin Palace a huge joke.

They had been in power for such a long time,showed their prowess before but all of that was in the past, now they were only waiting for their downfall.

After passing through the reception area, the guests were led to their seats in the banquet hall. Soon, it was in full swing as music, laughter and lantern lights filled the whole palace.

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