GDBBM – Chapter 58

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Chapter 58: “Birthday Celebrations (3)”

“Don’t worry grandfather, you’ve said things that Master had also thought of. Tomorrow I will give something for uncle to take, it won’t be detrimental to him, it just masks his health and let others view his pulse and his symptoms as though he is hanging on by a thread of life.” She had long thought of this and had prepared in advance some pills that could act as a deterrent in the event of any emergency.

Jun Xian and Jun Qing were glad that her master had such foresight and had everything prepared so comprehensively.

It seemed this master of hers was determined to help their family.

During this period of recuperation, Jun Qing was not only given back the use of his legs, his whole body had been strengthened and conditioned from inside out. On the other hand, Jun Xian’s health had improved so much, his whole body had become more robust, his mind was sharper and clearer, his whole body was conditioned to its peak.

“Your master has contributed greatly to the Lin Palace, we are forever indebted to him.” Jun Xian sighed, this elusive master of hers had helped their family so much yet he refused to show up or made any demands on them.

“He does not care.” Jun Wu Xie looked down wistfully while stroking the little black cat in her arms.

All she could do now was to let Jun Xian and Jun Qing get more powerful. However that was not enough, she wanted to be more powerful herself, strong enough to wipe out all the enemies off the face of this earth.

The day was soon over as everybody was busy preparing for the grand banquet. The sun rose and all the households were busy preparing for tonight’s banquet. Horses brushed, carriages polished, lavish outfits donned on and as the sun began to set, the whole Imperial city was set abuzz as the streets were filled with the most luxurious carriages as they all went towards the Imperial Palace. With all the various carriages lined in front of the palace, all the various ministers had with them treasures from all over gathered here today to celebrate the Crown Prince’s birthday.

Jun’s family carriage arrived grandly at the Palace gates. Long Qi was sitting outside the carriage as he looked coldly at the carriage coming over to the side.

Wu Wang’s extravagant carriage caught up with them, crystals clinking could be heard as Wu Wang stuck his head out of the crystal beaded curtain.

“Why isn’t it Lin Wang? What a coincidence!” he sneered with his plump face and gave a greasy smile.

Jun Xian drew his own carriage curtain and nodded.

When Wu Wang saw the other two Jun family members in the carriage, he smiled even more.

“Little highness and Wu Xie really came? Wow, it’s going to be so boisterous, oh, but I wonder if his little highness’s body can take it? Rest assured Lin Wang, based on our close relation, I’ve already informed the servants to wait on him during the banquet, no need to worry!”

“Thank you for the arrangement.” Jun Xian retorted curtly as he clenched his fist tightly and put the curtain down, not wanting to see that sickening face any longer.

“Oh!” Wu Wang contentedly shrank back into his own carriage as the crystals clinked together noisily.

Within the carriage, Jun Wu Xie raised her head and asked. “What filthy thing did that man eat?” His mouth was really cheap.

Jun Xian and his son immediately knew what she meant when she cursed that way as they smiled wryly.

“He is the king’s brother – Wu Wang, he doesn’t have much skills so he relies heavily on his relationship to have things his way. He doesn’t use his brain much, no need bother about him, he’s just a waste. You have to remember that the real danger are those who hide their hostilities deep within and stab you in the back when you least expect it.” Jun Qing was worried about Jun Wu Xie as she was still young and had not much experience with the real world.

He really wanted to protect her from all danger if he could, to forever shield her from this cold and deceptive world.

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