GDBBM – Chapter 580

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Chapter 580: “Prep for Slap (3)”

Jun Wu Xie’s expression was cold as she walked out from under the many gazes so filled with hatred and had not expected to bump in a “old familiar face” just as her front foot just stepped out of the Spirit Healer faculty.

“Little Xie! What a coincidence! I didn’t think I’ll see you here.” Ning Xin had been patiently waiting before the gates into the Spirit Healer faculty for a long while. When she spotted Jun Xie, she put on her best smile and approached the lad. The smile was as sweet as the spring breeze and so gentle that no one would ever feel threatened by such a amicable display of friendship. Compared to the cold stares filled with hidden daggers behind them that she had been getting from everyone else these days, Ning Xin’s demeanor inadvertently stood out, one of its own kind.

Jun Wu Xie’s steps stopped as she looked at Ning Xin, whose smile almost reached her ears.

Ning Xin’s face might be locked in a wide friendly smile, but her heart was chill, filled with disdain.

The moment that Jun Xie had stepped into the Spirit Healer faculty, Yin Yan had immediately run to Ning Xin to bring her the news, and Ning Xin had immediately hurried over and waited beside the gates.

After having been in the Zephyr Academy for so long, with the exception of the first day after he was admitted, Jun Xie had never shown his face at the Spirit Healer faculty anymore. But when she found out that Jun Xie had suddenly gone to the Spirit Healer faculty today, it had made Ning Xin secretly gladdened.

The crime of murdering a fellow disciple was in no way petty and the Headmaster had been pressured from many sides to drive Jun Xie out of the Zephyr Academy. The little lad who had pretended to be calm about it all this while must be starting to panic.

Having stirred up such a huge uproar, even the Fan Brothers would not be able to shield Jun Xie completely.

When she became aware that Jun Xie had gone to the Spirit Healer faculty bright and early in the morning, Ning Xin was mightily pleased.

Seeing the cold expression on Jun Xie’s face, Ning Xin was nevertheless unaffected and continued to say smiling: “Little Xie, I’ve heard about all that is being said in the academy….. The matter….. has grown to become a little too big. I saw Big Brother Fan Jin going to Uncle Headmaster’s office several times to plead for you, but…..”

Ning Xin put on an expression of helplessness and sighed heavily.

“I don’t think coming to Uncle Gu will help. Uncle Gu does not bother himself with such matters. To make matters worse, Li Zu Mu was a favoured disciple of Uncle Gu’s, and Li Zi Mu’s sudden death had greatly angered Uncle Gu. Uncle Gu has gotten people to investigate the matter thoroughly and it has caused these rumours to surface. And I think Uncle Gu must still be very angry about it.”

Although Ning Xin only knew that Jun Xie had gone to see Gu Li Sheng, but she thought that was all she needed to know.

She knew that Gu Li Sheng had a gentle personality but was always fiercely protective of the disciples of the Spirit Healer faculty. Yin Yan had previously often told her of how much Gu Li Sheng had always shown Li Zi Mu extraordinary care and concern. And now that Li Zi Mu had died, and the matter was inexorably linked to Jun Xie, so it would be inconceivable that Gu Li Sheng would still be civil and extend his courtesy to Jun Xie, that would be unbelievable.

Confident that Jun Xie would not have received a single kind word from his meeting with Gu Li Sheng, Ning Xin’s heart was suddenly feeling a lot lighter.

However, the expression on Jun Wu Xie’s face remained stone cold, and her eyes expressionless with calm, as she looked at the pretentious Ning Xin.

Lying upon Jun Wu Xie’s shoulders, the little black cat snorted in contempt.

[Is this little girl going by the name of Ning Xin, a complete idiot? She’s so hopelessly dumb that she doesn’t know how horrible a fate she will soon meet the day after.]

[Still prattling on the nonsense between Gu Li Sheng and his especially favoured disciple, Li Zi Mu, and the non existent investigation he ordered because of his rage.]

[All pure nonsense!]

[It had been with its Mistress all this while and it had witnessed every single thing.]

[Gu Li Sheng had not shown a single sliver of grief or sadness. From the beginning to the end, he had not even mentioned Li Zi Mu’s name a single time!]

[All these upheaval, must have been the work of this dumb little girl!]

[With that complete lack of a brain, she is pitting herself against its Mistress?]

[What a “meownificant” joke!]


[Mistress, let’s not waste our breath on such dumb dumbs, or her low intelligence might become contagious.]

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