GDBBM – Chapter 579

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Chapter 579: “Prep for Slap (2)”

Jun Wu Xie replied: “After I left the Spirit Healer faculty, I was made to suffer countless curses and was widely discriminated against as I was misunderstood. So, if I am to return, I must be fully cleared of all that to have me come back properly and legitimately.”

Gu Li Sheng paused, and the smile on his face faded. An expression of guilt and shame came over his face.

He was aware of what Jun Xie had been put through in the Zephyr Academy all this time. He had thought of asking Jun Xie to come back earlier, but as long as the Spirit Healing Technique was not completed, exposing Jun Xie’s identity prematurely would only bring her more unnecessary trouble.

After all, the Spirit Healing Technique itself was greatly revered in the minds of the disciples and held in the highest of esteem. If he had suddenly announced that Jun Xie would be able to improve and further develop the Spirit Healing Technique, no matter whether he said it himself or not, it would not be so easily believed. It might not have reduced the curses and suspicions thrown at Jun Xie but even attract the unwanted attention of people who held interest in possessing the technique. These people would flock to Jun Xie in an endless line, attempting to win him over.

Worse, if anyone who held malicious intentions got to her, the results would be something he did not even want to think about.

The lure of the Spirit Healing Technique was really too great to the people and they could not afford to be careless.

With all the misgivings, and the fact that Jun Xie had not shown any signs that he intended to return to the Spirit Healer faculty, Gu Li Sheng had not taken any action.

But swirling within the academy, the accusations and criticisms against Jun Xie greatly pricked at him.

“Rest assured.” Gu Li Sheng drew in a deep breath and stood up. “I will make sure you return back to the Spirit Healer faculty in grandeur. I will make sure that all the slander and defamations made against you will be completely erased. Just leave it to me. I will make sure that you will be satisfied.”

Jun Wu Xie nodded to agree. Gu Li Sheng’s words was exactly what she wanted to hear.

When Jun Wu Xie retaliates, she wasn’t just seeking to salvage and rectify her name and reputation.

What she seeked, was to give the meddling fools big slaps, right before the eyes of all the disciples of the Zephyr Academy!

That would be more satisfying!

“Tomorrow. I will arranged it all tomorrow. Just rest assured and wait for it.” Gu Li Sheng promised sternly.

Jun Wu Xie lowered her head in thought.


According to what Fan Jin said, the Rui Lin Army would arrive at the Zephyr Academy the day after. Tomorrow would be a good time, for her to string up all her plans.

A good show calls for consecutive stages for it to be varied and brilliantly presented, didn’t it?

“Alright.” Jun Wu Xie nodded again. Before she got up to leave, she put a scroll that she had prepared beforehand on Gu Li Sheng’s table and left without turning her head back a single time.

Gu Li Sheng picked up the scroll and with just one look, his eyes widened and he suddenly could not breathe.

Every single beautiful and gracefully written character burned into his mind and his heartbeat quickened.

It was a method that would transform the Spirit Healing Technique and it was written in such a way that allowed him to fully comprehend its profound philosophy immediately!

“Jun Xie, you surprise me endlessly. Damn….. This little lad, is just….. absolutely amazing!” He perused the entire scroll in one sitting and Gu Li Sheng found himself sweating profusely. He laid back in his chair and tilted his head back, his mouth curled up in a wide smile filled with joy and gratitude.

He has stumbled across a priceless one!

After Jun Wu Xie left Gu Li Sheng’s office, she walked straight out of the Spirit Healer faculty building. The few Spirit Healer faculty disciples saw Jun Xie appear and their eyes shot daggers at him, wishing so much that their stares would bore a few holes through his body.

Li Zi Mu had not been popular in the Spirit Healer faculty and it was due to Gu Li Sheng’s obvious and blatant favouritism shown to him which had earned Li Zi Mu the jealousy and hatred from the other disciples in the Spirit Healer faculty. But that hatred and jealousy was still not enough to cause them to be completely unmoved by Li Zi Mu’s death when faced with an external enemy who dared to cut down one of their own, and they would never easily forgiven.

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