GDBBM – Chapter 581

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Chapter 581: “Prep for Slap (4)”

The little black cat grumbled endlessly impatiently.

Jun Wu Xie raised up a hand and patted the little black cat on its rear before raising her eyes to look at Ning Xin whose expression was looking deeply concerned.

“What’s true and what’s false, we will know for sure tomorrow. You don’t have to concern yourself with it.” After saying those words, Jun Wu Xie immediately resumed her steps to leave.

Just as the black cat had said, if she continued the conversation with Ning Xin any further, it would only be a further affront to her intelligence!

Ning Xin stared flabbergasted at the departing figure of Jun Xie, never expecting that Jun Xie would still be so cold and aloof under the current circumstances! She was suddenly left feeling highly humiliated and badly snubbed!

“Jun Xie! You dare snub me so! ? You just wait! One fine day, I will have you come crawling, pleading for me to save you!” Ning Xin gritted her teeth as she stared furiously at the back of the disappearing Jun Wu Xie, wishing fervently that she was able to shred that back to pieces.

“Yin Yan!” Ning Xin gave out a loud shout.

Yin Yan who had been hidden in the shadows appeared immediately.

“Senior Ning.”

“Relay my orders to all of them! I want the matter about Jun Xie murdering Li Zi Mu to be fully blown up! Within three days, I want to hear of the notice from Fan Qi that Jun Xie has been expelled!”

Yin Yan shivered, and asked hesitatingly: “Senior Ning, wouldn’t that be a little too much….. Those highly skilled purple spirits…..”

Ning Xin replied with a cold laugh and said: “What are you afraid of? I am not responsible for all these. Didn’t I say it earlier? All this started because Gu Li Sheng ordered for an investigation into the matter. I do not believe that anyone in this world would go against Gu Li Sheng, the founder of Spirit Healing, to protect a little brat.”

Yin Yan gulped. He was shocked that Ning Xin had even included Gu Li Sheng’s name into her plot.

That might be a little too reckless for his taste.


By the time Jun Wu Xie got back to the bamboo grove, Fan Jin was acting like he had hot coals in his pants. He could not sit still and paced endlessly within the little yard.

When he spotted Jun Wu Xie, he shot like an arrow over to her and proceeded to look at Jun Wu Xie from head to toe. And only after he was sure that she was not hurt in any way that he let out a big sigh of relief.

“Where did you go?” Fan Jin asked worriedly.

“To see Gu Li Sheng.” Jun Wu Xie glanced at Fan Jin and saw how anxious he was, knowing that he was just concerned about her safety.

Fan Jin’s personality wasn’t too bad, just that he was a little….. too obvious.

If he had possessed just half of Fan Zhuo’s intelligence, Jun Wu Xie would not feel so burdened when communicating with him.

Never ever put a person who was socially impaired together with another person with a one tracked mind to devise any schemes. They would both collapse from the effort before they come up with anything.

“Uncle Gu?” As expected, Fan Jin had not caught on to Jun Wu Xie’s line of thought and was still befuddled.

Standing before the bamboo dwelling, Fan Zhuo looked on helplessly at his not exactly bright brother, and could do nothing but only shake his head in resignation.

“When are you making your move?” Fan Zhuo asked without needing Jun Xie to explain, and knew the purpose of his visit to Gu Li Sheng.

“Tomorrow.” Just as she thought. It was so much easier to talk to more intelligent people.

“That fast?” Fan Zhuo asked, his eyebrow raised.

“The Rui Lin Army will be arriving the day after tomorrow.” At the mention of the Rui Lin Army, Jun Wu Xie’s chilly eyes softened a little and she lowered her eyes. The air and demeanor about her seemed to feel less unapproachable as well.

“Rui Lin Army? What is happening here? I had heard you and my brother mention them before, but what does the actions you are going to take have got to do with the Rui Lin Army?” Having noticed the obvious change that had come over Jun Wu Xie, Fan Zhuo was feeling rather intrigued.

Just what powers did the Rui Lin Army possess, that the mere mention of them had been able to change the air around Jun Xie and his demeanor in a moment.

Hearing the name of the Rui Lin Army, Fan Jin’s expression froze.

During the period of the Spirit Hunt, Fan Zhuo had remained within the little bamboo grove and did not know a thing about what had happened in the Battle Spirits Forest.   

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