GDBBM – Chapter 57

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Chapter 57: “Birthday Celebrations (2)”

All these years, only Jun Xian was invited to the Crown Prince’s birthday banquet, however this year was an exception. Lin Palace had an additional two guests which made Jun Xian a little worried.

Jun Wu Xie’s invitation was due to the ‘Emperor’s grace’ when he extended his invitation to her as an ‘apology’ for breaking the engagement.

Whereas Jun Qing’s invitation came late as it’s since been more than a month since he was diagnosed and everyone that thought that he would die during this period. However no news of his expected death had spread and this made many restless.

It seems that tomorrow’s Crown Prince birthday banquet was not just a simple celebration.

Many wanted to take this chance to probe Jun Qing’s situation.

“How’s Uncle recovery during this period?” Jun Wu Xie did not answer Jun Xian immediately as she did her usual check up routine, turning towards Jun Qing and checking on his recovery progress.

Jun Qing’s condition had improved drastically. After his blood had been cleansed and all the poison purged from his body, they had started the body conditioning stage. With all the acupuncture and medicines personally done by Jun Wu Xie, even his legs had both recovered and he could feel his legs again. Now, he’s doing therapy to strengthen his leg muscles and training to start walking again. He’s been practicing walking with crutches to aid his recovery.

Although Jun Qing was struggling, as compared from before, this was a huge improvement.

“It’s much better than before, I think I may be able to walk in half a year’s time.” Jun Qing beamed brightly, as he chortled. This time of recovery had been the happiest time he had in a decade.

“Everything cannot be rushed, even if you are recovering well we cannot overdo it or else it would all be in vain.” Jun Wu Xie warned Jun Qing.

Although he looks very gentle and docile, when it comes to doing things, he was very resolute and aggressive and tended to push things to the extreme. This could be seen when he had been doing therapy lately and only until he collapsed and was carried back by Long Qi had he stopped practicing. Jun Wu Xie was called over many times due to this.

Jun Wu Xie had to sternly remind Jun Qing or else his over enthusiasm might result in a backlash instead.

Being nagged by his own niece Jun Qing laughed loudly as he slapped his legs in excitement, eyes filled with vigor, “Wu Xie, whatever you said I definitely understand…It’s just that for over ten years…I’ve been a cripple. For over ten years! Now I have this chance of walking again, I really can’t wait. The feeling of being able to walk again, I don’t think ordinary people can understand this.”

After he was crippled, the amount of ridicule and the humiliation he received was countless however the times he laughed could be counted easily. The despair he had felt were all washed away by this brilliant niece of his.

The day when he will soar back into the sky is near and it would be payback time!

“Take it as if I didn’t say anything then. I will add in more tonic for you.” Jun Wu Xie had seen such over zealous patients before, however this post treatment therapy stage was not entirely her responsibility.

Jun Qing was different from those other patients, she would not let anything happen to him no matter what.

“You’ve worked hard.” Jun Qing looked warmly at Jun Wu Xie, in the past his fondness for this niece was because they had blood ties, but now he really loved this niece of his from the bottom of his heart.

He wanted a speedy recovery so he could protect with his two hands, this family which was very dear to him.


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