GDBBM – Chapter 578

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Chapter 578: “Prep for Slap (1)”

The admonishment delivered in a voice filled with such anguish drove an undeniable thought into the minds of the masses that churned in an endless spiral.

Everyone knew that only Fan Zhuo was Fan Qi’s biological son, while Fan Jin, although possessing great skills and had an upright character, was after all still just adopted, and was not of the same blood!

That difference in their relations made a malicious thought begin to worm into the minds of quite a number of the other disciples.

Jun Xie name had been despised and spat upon endlessly but Fan Jin had still persisted in defending him and had even brought him to stay within the bamboo grove that had been reserved for Fan Zhuo’s recuperation. Could there be….. an unspeakable truth behind the reason for Fan Jin’s actions?

In moments, that line of thought blossomed within the minds of the disciples of the Zephyr Academy and Fan Jin’s stellar reputation took a beating like never before.

All of it, was unknown to Fan Jin. He had strode into the bamboo grove angrily but stopped in his tracks in the yard. He was worried that his furious expression might alarm Jun Wu Xie and Fan Zhuo and he stood there a long while before he decided to go in.

In the room, he found Fan Zhuo alone.

“Big Brother, you’re here.” Fan Zhuo greeted his brother jovially.

Fan Jin nodded and after making sure his emotions were composed, he asked: “Where is Little Xie?”

“Out.” Fan Zhuo was carrying Lord Meh Meh in his arms and was smiling contentedly as he replied, his fingers running gently over Lord Meh Meh’s soft little belly.

Lord Meh Meh sighed softly, as if reluctantly accepting Fan Zhuo’s caress.

Fan Jin paused a moment.

“Out? When did she go out?” At a time like this, if she were to meet the disciples of the Zephyr Academy, things might turn out badly.

“From quite a while ago. Big Brother, don’t worry. Sit down and have some tea to rest first.” Fan Zhuo said, pushing a cup of tea before Fan Jin.

Fan Jin gritted his teeth. Since he did not know where Jun Wu Xie had gone to, he could only sit down to wait.

As Fan Jin was still feeling endlessly antsy at the bamboo grove, Jun Wu Xie was already grandly seated in Gu Li Sheng’s office.

Jun Wu Xie carried the little black cat in her arms, her expression calm and composed as she looked at the smiling Gu Li Sheng.

“Jun Xie, what would be the reason for your visit today?” Gu Li Sheng was smiling widely as he looked at Jun Xie. Ever since Jun Wu Xie had shown her full grasp of the concepts involved in Spirit Healing, Gu Li Sheng found that he could never portray his dignified air of a teacher before the petite sized youth anymore.

Jun Wu Xie replied in an unhurried tone: “The improvements needed for the Spirit Healing Technique have been completed.”

Gu Li Sheng’s eyes widened, staring in pure disbelief at Jun Xie.

[How long has it only been? And Jun Xie had already gotten it all done…..]

Gu Li Sheng had thought that the process would have needed a long time and had never expected that Jun Xie would be able to complete it so quickly. In such a short time, and Jun Xie had finished it! ?

[Was this little lad even human?]

“Completed? Really?” Gu Li Sheng gulped loudly.

Jun Wu Xie nodded slightly.

Gu Li Sheng was so excited that his hand on the table started shaking.

“I’m now ready to return to the Spirit Healing Faculty.” Jun Wu Xie added.

“Yes! Immediately! Whenever you want to!” Gu Li Sheng agreed without a moment’s hesitation. When he had initially released Jun Xie from the Spirit Healer faculty, it was because he had been worried that people with ulterior motives would impede the little lad, and make attempts to disrupt the progress on the further development of the Spirit Healing Technique. But now that the Spirit Healer Technique is fully accomplished, Gu Li Sheng no longer had any misgivings.

He would have loved nothing more than to pin the Spirit Healer faculty’s badge on Jun Xie right at that moment. Immediately. In that instant.

“Not like this.” Jun Wu Xie raised her head slowly.

This time was nearing. Time to commence on her retaliation.

“What do you mean?” Gu Li Sheng suppressed the absolute joy in his heart and asked, not understanding what Jun Xie meant.  

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