GDBBM – Chapter 577

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Chapter 577: “Murder of a Fellow Disciple (5)”

Fan Jin felt that his mind was in a whirl, he really felt like telling these ignorant youths that they had been wrong right from the start. Right from the beginning of all this, Jun Wu Xie had been the real victim all this time!

The fact that Li Zi Mu had gained entry into the Spirit Healer faculty was because of Jun Wu Xie, and when he had attracted Gu Li Sheng’s attention, it had been due to Jun Wu Xie as well.

If not for Jun Wu Xie, nobody in the Zephyr Academy would have paid Li Zi Mu any attention!

In reality, Li Zi Mu was the one who had usurped Jun Wu Xie’s position and he had still blatantly gone around and used Jun Wu Xie’s name to further elevate his own standing, completely shameless, without showing the slightest remorse. But the Zephyr Academy’s disciples had still chosen to believe what they heard which infuriated Fan Jin endlessly.

“Leave! Get out of here now!” Fan Jin shouted in rage, his face flushed red. At that moment, even the usually patient Fan Jin was itching to murder.

The youths sulked and stared at Fan Jin with displeasure. They had wanted to continue to argue but when they saw Fan Jin visibly trembling with rage, they were taken aback and they silently gulped before they beat a hasty retreat.

After those youths had departed, another figure appeared out from the side, stepping out from behind the tall bamboo trees. The figure’s shoulders were slumped and his face desolate.

“Elder Young Master…..” Ah Jing stuttered timidly as he looked at Fan Jin, who was trembling with rage.

“Ah Jing?” Fan Jin said, his face in a deep frown. Ever since Fan Zhuo had driven Ah Jing away from here, he had not seen Ah Jing once.

Ah Jing was looking rather haggard and the eyes that were looking at Fan Jin were filled with grief.

“Elder Young Master….. Why do you make yourself suffer like this?”

“Ah Jing, what are you trying to say?” Fan Jin could feel a headache coming on.

Ah Jing took a deep breath and raised his head to look at Fan Jin.

“Elder Young Master, everyone can see that Jun Xie harbours evil intentions. Why are you still protecting him? He has already murdered Li Zi Mu! A despicable cad like that must be executed instead! You must not allow him to remain at the bamboo grove any longer. If he harms the Little Young Master, what are we then to do…..”

“That’s enough!” Fan Jin shouted loudly, interrupting Ah Jing before he could finish his sentence.

“Ah Jing, I will take it that you are just being loyal to Little Zhuo this time and not pursue the matter further. But if I hear anything like this from you again, I will not let you off so easily!” Fan Jin had really lost his temper this time. [What was wrong with everyone in the Zephyr Academy? Why would they pass a death sentence upon Jun Wu Xie based purely on unverified rumours?]

Among all of them, how many had actually interacted with Jun Wu Xie?

Less than a handful of them had even spoken with Jun Wu Xie personally but they had all been ready to brand her a vicious scourge and could not wait to rid themselves of him!

“Elder Young Master, please do not persist in being blinded…..” Ah Jing persisted.

Fan Jin ran out of patience to continue listening to Ah Jing’s nonsense. He grabbed Ah Jing by the back of his collar and threw him out of the bamboo grove.

Ah Jing landed hard on the ground and he stared blankly as he sat there. Disciples from all directions cast curious glances at Ah Jing as they passed.

As he stared at Fan Jin’s disappearing back as he walked into the bamboo grove, Ah Jing’s teary voice rang out loudly all of a sudden:

“Elder Young Master! The Little Young Master really reveres you as his elder brother! Why are you trying to harm him! ? Why did you bring Jun Xie, who is completely devoid of morals, to be so close to the Little Young Master! ? Elder Young Master! Is this how you are repaying the trust the Little Young Master places in you! ? And repaying the esteemed Headmaster for bringing you up till now! ?”

Ah Jing lost his mind. He sat upon the hard ground crying and wailing, and the words that came out from his mouth made all the passing disciples’ eyes widen in shock.

That was Ah Jing! The trusted aide that had served Fan Zhuo closely ever since he was a little boy!

And the words that were coming out from Ah Jing’s mouth today had been a shocking revelation, that had struck like a lightning bolt onto everyone within the Zephyr Academy.

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