GDBBM – Chapter 576

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Chapter 576: “Murder of a Fellow Disciple (4)”

If Ning Xin did not overestimate her own abilities, that meant that Ning Xin had clearly underrated Jun Wu Xie.

Scheming against her? Ning Xin did not possess the brains for it.

“Five days later, I will make her realise what it really means to be unable to fend for yourself.” Jun Wu Xie said as she put the white jade cup down upon the table gently.

If people come to her to seek death, she saw no reason to not oblige.

In the three days since Jun Wu Xie had returned to the Zephyr Academy, the rumours about her within the academy had not ceased. Some of the disciples had even come up to the doors at the little bamboo grove and threw stones within. The stones had all been aimed in the direction towards the room where Jun Wu Xie was staying at.

A few times, when Fan Jin had come to the little bamboo grove, he had caught those disciples who were up to mischief and given them a good telling off before chasing them away.

Even several of the teachers had joined in with barely veiled criticism. From that vein, the critics had all been teachers from the Beast Spirit faculty and it had stemmed from the teacher who had seen Jun Xie only once in class, Qian Yuan He.

It was said that a disciple had gone up to Qian Yuan He and asked his opinion of Jun Xie’s character during this period.

Qian Yuan He had replied by criticising Jun Xie endlessly from head to toe without any mercy, and had even said that it was his biggest disgrace to have ever taught a disciple like that.

Qian Yuan He’s reply had made those disciples who were already displeased with Jun Xie firmly believe the malicious rumours around to be the truth and the hatred and rage had exploded unrestrained.

And this time, when Fan Jin came to the little bamboo grove, he saw another group of disciples blocking the doors, and they were cursing and berating Jun Xie with unspeakable words and accusations, which incessantly pricked at his ears.

“Jun Xie, don’t think that by hiding here, you will be able to escape your punishment! You murdered a fellow disciple because of your pettiness! Your incorrigible actions will surely get yourself killed one day! You will not come to a good end!”

“Useless trash like you should just get out of the Zephyr Academy! Having you within its walls is the greatest disgrace!”

“You shameless wretch! Why don’t you just die…..”

Fan Jin was just nearing the bamboo grove when he heard the curses clearly, and his face darkened immediately.

“All of you shut your mouths! Who gave you the right to come here and cause such a disturbance! ? Doesn’t any of you know the academy’s rules? Anyone that tresspasses into the bamboo grove would be immediately expelled! Don’t you want to remain in the academy anymore! ?” Fan Jin’s expression was immensely dark as he shouted angrily at the group of disciples.

After being yelled at by Fan Jin, the disciples quaked. Their legs had intended to escape but without exactly knowing why, they were struck with a sudden urge and those feet had taken a step forward instead and they stood up to Fan Jin in defiance.

“Senior Fan! We all respect you as you have always been impartial! So why are you still protecting Jun Xie! ? I’m sure you know about the incident the time when he had tried to steal from Li Zi Mu, but you have repeatedly shielded Jun Xie. This time, he had shown no restraint and had even laid his dirty hands on our fellow disciple and killed Li Zi Mu! How could you still continue to protect him! ? Are you really the same Senior Fan that we had held in such great esteem all this while? That scumbag is ruthless, disgraceful and despicable in his thoughts and deeds, and it is all because you have been shielding him all this time that he had gone from bad to worse! Senior Fan, for how long are you going to be further muddled? If you persist to be unable to distinguish between right and wrong, don’t blame us if we start to lose our faith in you!” The lead youth told Fan Jin, his expression indignantly righteous.

If this was before, no one would ever doubt Fan Jin’s upright and righteous character. But now, after the few rounds of rumours being spread, Fan Jin’s position in the hearts of the other disciples had greatly diminished and his words no longer carried as much weight as before.

This was the first time that any of the disciples had rebuked Fan Jin in his face. Fan Jin’s eyes widened, and his chest heaved as sudden rage filled him, leaving him greatly vexed.    

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