GDBBM – Chapter 56

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Chapter 56: “Birthday Celebrations (1)”

Jun Wu Xie’s mouth twitched slightly – the book stated that snow lotus required a very special environment to be nurtured and could not be planted in regular water. If the seeds were placed in regular water, the lotus will wilt and have no chance of recovery. In other words, if she placed the seeds in regular water, they will die.


Sure enough, this troublesome lotus could not be raised with any regular water! In addition to the heavenly spring, she noted that another liquid that could plant the snow lotus was called ‘jade nectar’.

In this world, this term meant that it was wine of the highest quality, even Jun Xian only ever had one chance to drink a small cup of this when the first Emperor had bestowed him a cup in celebration of winning the war.

“You can even use wine to cultivate a plant…hmmm.” Jun Wu Xue rubbed between her furrowed brows to ease the tension as she was in deep thought. Although this wine was very precious and rare, at least she knew what it was. As for the heavenly spring, she’s never heard of that before!

Jade nectar was given by the First Emperor, this meant that there was a high chance that there’s still some stored away in the Royal Palace.

Jun Wu Xie thought back to the conversation she had with Jun Xian that day, it will soon be the Crown Prince’s birthday celebration and she was invited as well. This would be a great opportunity to check if they still had this in the palace.

Although she got her cultivation techniques on hand, however she was not able to start her cultivation due to the lack of resources.

Just as she was pondering hard over the issues on the resources needed to kick start her cultivation, ever since they returned from Ghost City, Mo Xuan Fei and Bai Yun Xian’s mood had hit rock bottom.

Under the laws of Ghost City, Mo Xuan Fei could not do anything to that punk who made him lose his face completely! He gritted his teeth as he thought back on how hard he was trying to appease Bai Yun Xian after the whole incident at Ghost City. That young punk! How dare he cross his path like that? He had summoned the court painter urgently and had him draw out that kids face based on their description.

Even though he could not touch him in Ghost City, once he’s out, he won’t let him off!

Mo Xuan Fei mobilised his secret forces and had them comb through the entire Imperial City that very night.

However, the strange thing was that no trace of that kid could be found. It was as if he mysteriously vanished into thin air.

He even had his men stationed at the entrance of Ghost City to inform him once that kid was sighted, however, there wasn’t any news at all.


Time passed quickly as the whole city was busy in preparation for the Crown Prince’s birthday celebrations.

Just the night before the birthday, Jun Xian called Jun Qing and Jun Wu Xie over to his study.

This time round, not only the ‘waste’ Jun Wu Xie was invited, even the ‘dying’ Jun Qing received an invitation.

“The Crown Prince’s birthday is tomorrow, both of you need to come along with me. Long Qi is not allowed in so Wu Xie, I’ll leave the care of your uncle in your good hands.” Jun Xian looked over at Jun Wu Xie with pride. His little girl had grown up to be so dependable and this was such an assurance. Unknowingly he had placed all his hope of Lin Palace’s future in this little girl’s hands.

“Alright.” Jun Wu Xie nodded.

“One more thing, people outside do not know the condition of your uncle. As of now, they all still think that he has not much longer to live. If they find traces of his recovery, I’m afraid… Wu Xie, can you ask your master if there is anyway to make your uncle seem ‘terminally ill’?” Jun Xian was worried as he only received Jun Qing’s invitation just five days prior to the Crown Prince’s birthday.

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