GDBBM – Chapter 567

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Chapter 567: “An Auction for the Filthy Rich (6)”

The Spirit Intensifying Elixir’s effects might be rather amazing but it was limited to a single use. Splurging over a hundred thousand taels on something like that could only be achieved by the Zephyr Academy’s filthy rich disciples, who had too much money for their own good.

In a short period of time, all five of the Spirit Intensifying Elixirs were swept up cleanly and all the winning bids were made by disciples from the Zephyr Academy, denying the opportunity to all the other people present.

Once again, the people of Chan Lin Town witnessed the bold and astounding spending power of the Zephyr Academy’s disciples!

In a private room on the second level, Qiao Chu was doing the sums for the money gained from the sale of the Spirit Intensifying Elixirs, his eyes wide and he could not stop smiling.

“Little Xie, how long a period do you need to make those elixirs?” Qiao Chu asked Jun Wu Xie, his eyes sparkling with interest.

Jun Wu Xie thought a moment and replied: “One day.”

Qiao Chu gasped, and then said with a laugh: “Haha! You are able to produce one elixir a day? Ha ha! Wouldn’t that mean you would have one hundred and thirty thousand taels to spend every day?”

Jun Wu Xie calmed replied: “A stove bakes twenty pills a time.”

“…..” Qiao Chu’s jaw hung open, and he could not close it.

Even Fei Yan sucked in a big gasp, standing at the side.

Soon, the Chan Lin Auction House brought out the second item they were going to put up for auction onto the stage. It was another type of elixir.

And the effects and function of this elixir was much better than the Spirit Intensifying Elixir.

Encouraged by the results they had achieved for the Spirit Intensifying Elixir, the auctioneer was feeling confident enough to exaggerate a little bit more.

“This is called the All Dispelling Elixir, it can counter hundreds of types of poison and toxins…..” The auctioneer had not even finished his sentence when he was suddenly drowned out by the deafening noise that erupted out from the crowd on the floor.

[Counters most poisons!]

[That’s a lot more useful than the Spirit Intensifying Elixir!]

It was extremely hard to guard against poison users and some ring spirits were naturally born equipped with poison. If they were attacked by such spirits, they would be put at a serious disadvantage in battle. Moreover, many Spirit Beasts were capable of poison attacks as well, especially those that belonged to the higher grades, and the poison’s potency increases the higher the grades were.

If the Spirit Intensifying Elixir which gave them a temporary boost to their spiritual powers was an irresistible weapon to carry with them, then the All Dispelling Elixir would most definitely qualify to be a real and undisputed talisman that would keep them alive!

At that moment, not only the disciples of the Zephyr Academy were excitedly roused, but all the other people from different major powers who came to Chan Lin Town to try to recruit the Zephyr Academy’s disciples could not contain themselves any longer!

An elixir with such incredible effects, no matter to who that person was, would be considered to be extremely hard to come by!

The starting bid for the All Dispelling Elixir was higher than the Spirit Intensifying Elixir. Every individual elixir would start at one hundred thousand taels.

And this time, not only the disciples of the Zephyr Academy were taking part in the bidding, anyone who had strong financial backing from the various powers behind them did not want to lose out on the chance to possess such a incredible elixir.

The price for the first All Dispelling Elixir was quickly pushed up to two hundred and fifty thousand taels very quickly!

The price being shouted out by the excited auctioneer almost made Qiao Chu jump up in joy. He soon discovered that the price achieved for the items put up for auction was greatly influenced by the auctioneer’s skills in fanning the crowd. Every time when the bids seemed to stagnate for a while, the auctioneer would always step up to incite and rouse the crowd, exaggerating on the miraculous effects and never available before properties of the rarest of elixirs, and excite the crowd once again to a new level of fervour, and the price would instantaneously climb up another fold.

“Little Xie, I think the elixirs we sold in front of the Zephyr Academy’s gates that time were given away too cheaply! If we had brought it here to the Chan Lin Auction House, we would most definitely have gotten ourselves at least twice that price! !” Qiao Chu said excitedly, his eyes wide, seemingly caught up in the auctioneer’s incitement.

Although the Chan Lin Auction House wasn’t really considered to be a big establishment, but this auctioneer they had with them was rather good at his job. His ability to sway and manipulate the crowd was a real eye opener to the companions watching from above.

Jun Wu Xie nodded slightly. She had not expected that the elixirs would be so well received. Although besides the fact that Jun Wu Xie’s elixirs were of a high grade, a large part of its popularity was due to the gift of the gab of the auctioneer standing on the stage, and his ability to drum up the atmosphere, driving the crowd into a heated fervour, where they willingly raised up their bids, throwing their money to win the item their heart desired.   

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