GDBBM – Chapter 566

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Chapter 566: “An Auction for the Filthy Rich (5)”

Elixirs like this, might not be that big a temptation to the common people.

But when placed before the disciples of the Zephyr Academy…..

It became an irresistible weapon for them to show off their powers!!

For a day, they would gain powers that had never experienced before and the elixir would enable them to get out any tight situations in future Spirit Hunts. Heaven knows, how much it would mean to the disciples who had just managed to claw their way through the last grueling Spirit Hunt, where they were tormented by the many powerful Spirit Beasts. How many times had they found their own powers inadequate and were forced to run away in fear from Spirit Beasts that had not been all that powerful in the first place? In addition to that, the disciples knew that many of their fellow disciples had even lost their lives in that Spirit Hunt due to the lack of spiritual powers as well.

The Spirit Intensifying Elixir would undoubtedly become an irreplaceable talisman that would saves their lives!

The instantaneous increase of their spiritual powers would give them the ultimate boost to their speed, agility and become much more nimble. When faced with danger, they would be able to gain extraordinary strength to escape and keep themselves alive!

Almost at the same moment that the auctioneer finished his introduction, the Zephyr Academy’s disciples on the floor could not contain themselves and started to fidget, unable to remain in their seats properly.

They were all craning their necks to see, ears pricked to hear the starting price, eager to place their bids for the amazing elixir.

With the Spirit Intensifying Elixir in hand, they would have to worry about getting themselves killed by Spirit Beasts in future Spirit Hunts and would be able to gain extraordinary powers beyond their fellow disciples at the most critical of times! Even if it was just for a day, they would be able to take on stronger Spirit Beasts that they would not dare face usually!

And the better quality spirit stones they would gain might allow them a better score in the Spirit Hunt which would ultimately win them a bigger part of the allocated resources of the Zephyr Academy making their lives in the academy in the future a whole lot easier!

“The quantity of Spirit Intensifying Elixirs we have available for this auction numbers a grand total of five. Every individual elixir has a set base price of fifty thousand taels. Now, let us the begin the bidding for the first elixir we have up for auction.” Seeing the enthusiasm in the crowd on the floor, the auctioneer standing upon the stage was silently relieved. As he remembered He Chang Le’s prior reminder to him, he suddenly felt endlessly motivated!

“Whoa, fifty thousand each. If we manage to sell them all, that would mean we would have at least two hundred and fifty thousand taels right?” Qiao Chu said, licking at his suddenly dry lips.

Fei Yan shot him a depreciating glance and said: “Two hundred and fifty thousand taels? You are really just too naive.”

Qiao Chu blinked blankly at Fei Yan. Before he could even utter a word, the floor below suddenly exploded.

“Sixty thousand!”

“Seventy thousand!”

“One hundred thousand!”

The youths jumped up one after another. Without a single exception, they were all dressed in the uniform of the Zephyr Academy.

As a place that was reputed to have only the obscenely and filthy rich as their disciples, all those who were able to don themselves in the uniform of the Zephyr Academy wore upon themselves a undisputed symbol that showed off the vast riches and immense wealth of the families and powers behind them.

Money in the tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of taels was not that big a deal to them, especially if what they were purchasing would ultimately save their own lives, the money was deemed to be of scant concern.

In the blink of an eye, the first Spirit Intensifying Elixir’s price had rocketed to a staggering one hundred and twenty thousand taels!

Qiao Chu’s eye bulged and almost popped out of his head!

[Aren’t these youths here in this house, being a little extreme?] [Sweet Heavens, the bids jump in tens of thousands, are they talking about grains of sand here! ?]

Very soon, the first Spirit Intensifying Elixir was won by a disciple of the Zephyr Academy with a bid of one hundred and thirty thousand taels. After the oppressively throwing of such a staggering sum of money, the youth still stood up in glee and waved proudly to all the other Zephyr Academy’s youths with the auction house.

His incorrigible actions taunted everyone there, stoking the fire within the hearts of all the other youths!

They were all from the same academy, they knew they must not lose again!

The level of their skills were dependant on how gifted they were and they could not change that fact. But when it came to comparing riches….. They were no easy pushovers either…..

After the first youth managed to win the first Spirit Intensifying Elixir, and his infuriating taunts, the auctions that were carried out after that went into a fierce and fiery bidding war among the countless filthy rich disciples.

From the second elixir onwards, the price of each and every Spirit Intensifying Elixir went beyond one hundred at fifty thousand taels. The staggering amounts made all the outsiders from other powers quickly decide the elixirs were greatly beyond them.

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