GDBBM – Chapter 568

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Chapter 568: “An Auction for the Filthy Rich (7)”

“Say, can the All Dispelling Elixir really dispel all poisons? Wouldn’t it cure Mu Qian Fan if we just give him one?” Qiao Chu asked suddenly.

Jun Wu Xie shook her head. “The elixir I gave him the other day was the All Dispelling Elixir. The elixir is effective on common poisons but the poison that Mu Qian Fan is inflicted with came from the Middle Realm and the All Dispelling Elixir is not able to neutralize it.”

Qiao Chu was quickly enlightened and nodded before he asked once more: “For the All Dispelling Elixir, how long do you take to make them?”

Jun Wu Xie was about to reply when Qiao Chu suddenly put up his hand and said: “No…wait! Don’t tell me. It’s better I do not know, or I don’t think my heart can take it.”

The price for the All Dispelling Elixir was higher than the Spirit Intensifying Elixir and for someone who was so used to not having a single copper on him, he was rather terrified of what Jun Wu Xie would say in reply, like producing tens of the elixirs in a day.

Jun Wu Xie gave up and decided to save her breath.

If Qiao Chu only knew, those Heaven defying elixirs that Jun Wu Xie had sold before the gates of the Zephyr Academy before, that she had made one hundred thousand of them in a month…..

Qiao Chu might very well have died on the spot from shock.

Jun Wu Xie’s elixirs were brought out for auction batch after batch, and the prices grew higher and higher. As long as anyone who was present had money to splurge, all of them took part in the fierce bidding war. The fiery atmosphere within the auction house reached a new crescendo with every passing moment and the words from the auctioneer on stage roared, a endless torrential river, constantly stirring up the emotions, drawing the crowd to raise their bids, mindlessly throwing their money for the items on auction, faces contorted in excitement, as if possessed.

Backstage, He Chang Le’s facial muscles were almost cramping up from smiling and he was already struggling to stand upright. But he could not make himself leave the scene, and hollered for the servants to bring him a chair, so he could watch the show, in a slightly more comfortable position.

Following the auction closely, the third and fourth batches of elixirs were soon completely cleaned out.

The last type of elixir was soon brought up onto the stage slowly, under the watchful eyes of the capacity crowd on the floor.

The auctioneer on stage was already bathed in sweat and his clothes were soaked. His face was flushed red with excitement and he did not feel the least bit tired or exhausted. When the fifth type of elixir was brought up on stage, he gathered himself together once again, to give it his best introduction.

“What we have here next, is also the last batch of elixirs we have today. The effects these elixirs give….. I guarantee it here, cross my heart, way exceeds anything we have ever procured! These elixirs are called….. Hibernation Elixirs! No matter how severely wounded one became, as long as they still breathe, swallow this elixir and it would enable the person to fall into a state of suspended animation for three days! The three days the elixir buys you, would be most invaluable and the most critical period to the severely wounded!”

The huge hall within the auction house fell deadly silent.

Every single pair of eyes were staring unwaveringly at the ultimate life saver on the tiny tray, the Hibernation Elixir!

Entering a state of suspended animation, would inadvertently gain one more time to seek treatment or rescue. Although they would not be healed by swallowing the elixir, but the elixir would allow them to cling on persistently and allow them another chance to live just before Death’s door.

The world was filled with mishaps and unexpected circumstances. Confrontations were endless, and anyone could suddenly find themselves staring death in their face.

And the Hibernation Elixir, would pull them back and buy them three whole days to fight for their lives!

For those afflicted with long term chronic illnesses, and those severely wounded, these people would find themselves in graver need for the Hibernation Elixir than the average man!

“To be honest, I myself would very much like to bid for this Hibernation Elixir. It would be my last chip to protect the one and only life I possess. The starting bid for every single Hibernation Elixir is two hundred thousand taels. I will make just one exception this time. I will make a first bid of two hundred and ten thousand taels, and if everyone would allow me the honour, this very elixir, would be retained for myself.” For the first time, the auctioneer had taken an unprecedented move, and his expression was almost seen to be in glee.

If only those very words had not been spoken out loud, once spoken, the crowd roared once again!

Usually, people from the auction house itself were not allowed to partake in the bidding for the items put up for auction. And as the leading auctioneer, he must have been already numbed with the countless rare and precious treasures he had seen. And now that the auctioneer himself had been tempted and placed a bid for the item, how could the crowd still sit back and not do anything?

The next moment, the crowd exploded and the auction reached a new climax!

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