GDBBM – Chapter 565

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Chapter 565: An Auction for the Filthy Rich (4)

He Chang Le turned and patted the man on the shoulder encouragingly to say: “This auction, would indefinitely influence the reputation of the Chan Lin Auction House. If with these elixirs, we are able to bring the Chan Lin Auction House up to the next level, it would be undeniably the best result for us. You must remember it well. You have to put up an outstanding performance today. The huge turnout today are all gunning straight for the elixirs. If we are able to satisfy them with our results today, when the client comes back to us, I will discuss it in detail with him to see if he can supply us with elixirs on a permanent basis. If everything goes well, our Chan Lin Auction House will not be constrained within just a tiny Chan Lin Town!”

“I will! I will most definitely put out my best tonight!” The man said confidently, as he pulled at his clothes once again in one final check.

“Go! The future of our auction house will be determined tonight!” He Chang Le stared with great anticipation at the crowd tightly packed together on the floor. Although the Chan Lin Auction House enjoyed a high reputation in this region, but they were inadvertently constrained here. If this time, their fame spread, then…..

He Chang Le was getting more excited the more he thought about it!

Once the auctioneer stepped onto the stage, a cheer erupted from the crowd. The intensity of the raucous cheer almost tore the roof off the Chan Lin Auction House.

Standing upon the stage, the auctioneer gulped. He was the leading auctioneer of the Chan Lin Auction House and he prided himself on his quick adaptability to changes. But upon seeing the boisterous and noisy crowd before him, he could not help but feel a little weakness creep into his legs.

Jun Wu Xie sat, high up on the second level in her private room, as she stared at the noisy scene below, her eyes calm.

“Firstly, let me welcome you to the Chan Lin Auction House today. I believe that our honoured guests have already heard the news. The Chan Lin Auction House today, hold in our hands, a batch of the most precious and exquisite elixirs! The batch of elixirs entrusted to us number a significant amount and the effects they provide would most definitely be more than satisfactory. Let’s not hold you back with more chatter, I think all of you are more interested in what effects the elixirs hold for you! Without further delay, can we have the Chan Lin Auction House present to you the first elixir we have up for the auction? Bring it up!” The auctioneer announced in a deep voice, and the boisterous and rowdy crowd suddenly quietened.

All eyes were inexorably drawn to the stage in front and their sights fixed upon the item being brought up.

A adorable and alluring lady swayed her hips suggestively as she carried a brown tray and walked up onto the stage.

At that moment, the people on the floor were unconcerned on how alluring the beautiful lady was. Their eyes were glued to the small brocade box lying upon the tray!

“This is the Spirit Intensifying Elixir! Once ingested, it will enable the user to gain a temporary growth in their spiritual powers, achieving a breakthrough in the level of their spiritual powers! The effect lasts for one day and within that day, the user will experience might of the spirit power they had never attained before and can be used by the user to defeat powerful opponents they had never been able to take on before! Although its effects last only a day, but it is invaluable when used appropriately at the most critical times that will save your life!” The auctioneer generously explained, throwing them a friendly reminder on how its use would be most efficient.

And the generous introduction had made the crowd on the floor go wild!

As the levels of their spiritual powers go higher, their speed of their growth in spiritual power would inevitably slow significantly. Many people had been stuck in their current spirit levels for several years and for some, even more than a decade. Over the slow passing throughout the endless years, the snail paced progress gained in their spiritual powers had made many of them fall into despair. And the chance for them to experience power they had yearned for but never achieved was undoubtedly a great temptation.

The biggest draw about the elixir though, was what the auctioneer had helpfully told them….. To save their own life.

Irregardless whether it was in a battle, or while out on an expedition, an elixir that enabled the user to gain more power in an instant was an irreplaceable treasure indeed!

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