GDBBM – Chapter 562

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Chapter 562: “An Auction for the Filthy Rich (1)”

“Actually, if we really want to find out who it is, we do have a lead we can work on.” Fei Yan said suddenly.

“You mean Mu Qian Fan?” Rong Ruo asked, her brows raised.

Fei Yan nodded. “Mu Qian Fan said that someone gave them money and told them to go to the Heaven’s End Cliff. Moreover, Little Zhuo has already confirmed for us that the Dark Emperor’s tomb is indeed at below the Heaven’s End Cliff. That would mean that the person who commissioned Mu Qian Fan and his brothers to go there must be the same person who has links with the Twelve Palaces and he must have the map with him! Mu Qian Fan was more becoming a more valuable ally then they had expected. He was not only able to bring them to the Heaven’s End Cliff but would be able to provide them with more clues to identify the person within the Zephyr Academy who held the map.”

Fei Yan paused a moment before he turned to look at Jun Wu Xie and asked in a serious tone: “Little Xie, are you confident of curing Mu Qian Fan completely of his poison?”

Jun Wu Xie replied softly: “Yes.”

With Jun Wu Xie single worded reply, Fei Yan was undoubtedly convinced.

“Before that, we had better make a trip to the Heaven’s End Cliff and see what that place is all about. We still do not have a complete map of the place and although we would not be able to find the exact location of the Dark Emperor’s tomb, a better understanding of the area would definitely help us.” Hua Yao reasoned.

Everyone agreed with what Hua Yao said.

After their discussions came to a close, all of them parted and went about their own tasks.

There were two more days before the auction at the Chan Lin Auction House would be carried out and they would remain within Chan Lin Town during that period and Jun Wu Xie was intent on concocting the antidote for the poison within Mu Qian Fan’s body.

The days passed quickly and the Chan Lin Auction House opened up its auction once more. And this time, before the auction itself, He Chang Le had hired people to spread the word throughout Chan Lin Town. The word was that in the upcoming auction, they would not only have the usual string of precious and unusual treasures, they also had a bunch of rare and priceless elixirs in their line up!

Many people who had not been really interested in the auction suddenly pricked their ears and rushed towards the auction house.

Rare and priceless elixirs, no matter the time, no matter the place, had always been in great demand. Although no details on what kind of elixirs they had were released, but based on the high standards of goods and items the Chan Lin Auction House had always managed to bring in for their auctions, it would not be common stuff.

This day, the Chan Lin Auction House was visibly more packed than usual. The auction had not even started and the ground floor was already filled to capacity, while all the private rooms on the second level were fully taken.

Fortunately Qiao Chu had come and spoken to He Chang Le the day before on their intention to attend and a room had been reserved for them.

When Jun Wu Xie and her companions reached the place, even the staircase leading up to the second level was filled with people. They had to squeeze past an immeasurable amount of people before they managed to get to the room reserved for them.

“Heavens! Does it need to be so crazy? The place is just too crowded today isn’t it?” Qiao Chu was holding his shoes in his hands. While climbing up the steps earlier, both his shoes had been stepped and stomped by the surging crowd and he had almost lost them. His quick reflexes had saved him and the still new shoes that he had bought just not too long ago.

The smiling servant allocated to their room served them their tea. Knowing that these were He Chang Le’s honoured guests, his attitude was especially attentive.

“My Young Masters, you might not know it, but the items we have lined up for today’s auction are much more interesting than usual. Besides the usual bunch of spirit stones, we have a dazzling line of exquisite and priceless elixirs which had drawn almost the whole town’s people here. The auction itself has not started yet and this is not when we are most crowded. Once the auction starts, the place would be bursting at the seams.”

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