GDBBM – Chapter 563

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Chapter 563: “An Auction for the Filthy Rich (2)”

“Are elixirs really that popular with the people?” Qiao Chu asked while putting on his shoes, his eyes filling up with anticipation.

“You say! Under the skies, those able to concoct and cultivate good quality elixirs had only come from a few clans. Ever since the Qing Yun Clan suddenly disappeared, the supply of elixirs in the market had greatly diminished and those few other clans who had been overshadowed and their reputation as elixir producing places previously suppressed by the Qing Yun Clan had suddenly found their fortunes reversed, enjoying unsurpassed recognition and greatly revered. Even the common medical halls and shops selling herbs have seen the prices of elixirs increase in folds.” The servant saw that Qiao Chu was intrigued by the topic and prattled on non-stop.

The Qing Yun Clan might have been corrupted and they committed heinous deeds, but it had been an enormous clan and they had nevertheless provided the people with huge quantities of elixirs every month. Besides the elixirs produced by the twelve elders, the disciples in the Inner House had supplied a large quantity of elixirs and medicines to the people throughout the lands.

Although those elixirs and medicines might not be top grade, but compared to the common herbs and medicines sold in the medical halls and herb shops, they were of a much better quality. And the Qing Yun Clan’s reputation as the top clan throughout the lands had further made their supply of elixirs in high demand.

And thus, the disappearance of the Qing Yun Clan had suddenly caused a huge deficiency in the supply of elixirs.

Not only was the supply of top grade elixirs greatly reduced, but even elixirs one grade lower had their quantities greatly diminished.

The inadequate quantities of elixirs had caused the people to place greater significance on purchasing all the diminishing supply of elixirs they could find.

Many of the clans that produced elixirs had long been allied or joined with various powers and the best of the elixirs they produced were always supplied to their allies and only a small portion that was in excess or of inferior quality would be released to be sold externally.

Besides those few clans, even individuals who excelled in producing medicine were either from prominent families themselves or recruited by the major powers as well, and the amount they could produce was even less.

Once a person highly skilled in producing medicine was discovered, people from different powers would immediately rush in to recruit them.

Buying quality elixirs and medicine had become a highly arduous task.

And it was due to this very reason, that when the Chan Lin Auction House had released news that they had elixirs available in their line up, it had drawn the attention of so many people. Within the vast auction house, the place was beginning to show signs of being unable to accommodate the crowd who had come forth to take part in the auction.

“If the Young Masters here are interested in the batch of elixirs, you are most welcome to make a bid for it during the auction. The boss has informed us previously about these elixirs. Due to the request of the client, the auction house would not be able to offer our honoured guests special privileges on them.” The servant noticed that Qiao Chu had seemed invariably interested in the elixirs and he explained apologetically.

If it had been something a little more common, He Chang Le might be able to use his position as the owner to open some doors of privilege for them, but not this time, and for such precious items.

Qiao Chu laughed and waved his hand at the servant, dismissing him from the room.

“If I was interested in them, you think I would need to buy them? I will only need to ask for them from Little Xie.” Qiao Chu stole a peek at the unaffected and unmoving Jun Wu Xie, his eyes narrowed into two crescents from his smile.

“Little Xie, wouldn’t you agree?”

Jun Wu Xie glanced briefly at him and turned away, refusing to grace such a dumb and senseless question with a reply.

Completely undeterred by Jun Wu Xie’s cold treatment, Qiao Chu cozied up against Hua Yao and asked: “Brother Hua, how many elixirs did Little Xie give you to sell at this auction?”

Hua Yao replied: “Seven bottles.”

“Seven bottles….. Hmm….. If one bottle sold for one hundred thousand taels, that will be seven hundred taels!!” Qiao Chu gulped at the figure, estimating the price based on the time they had “set up a con” in front of the Zephyr Academy gates previously.

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