GDBBM – Chapter 561

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Chapter 561: “Heaven’s End Cliff (8)”

Fan Zhuo raised an eyebrow and said: “If that’s the case, count me in as well.”

Qiao Chu’s face broke into a wide smile.

“You mean it?”

“Of course.” Fan Zhuo nodded and he turned to Jun Wu Xie. “Little Xie, you are not a lost orphan from the Twelve Palaces. Why are you involved in this?”

Jun Wu Xie raised her eyes and replied calmly: “To go home.”

Fan Zhuo gave a look of utter confusion.

Jun Wu Xie suddenly raised her hand and a mist appeared before her fingers, gradually coalescing at a spot beside her, forming into the shape of a tiny figure.

“MEH!!” Lord Meh Meh who had plopped lazily at the side without making a single sound suddenly stood up upon seeing the figure start to form up, its eyes brilliantly lit up!


“Argh! Don’t bite me!” Little Lotus had just appeared and Lord Meh Meh had immediately pounced on him, pressing his soft chubby little body to the ground. They next saw the woolly ball that was Lord Meh Meh happily plopped upon Little Lotus, licking its little wet tongue incessantly upon Little Lotus’ tiny chubby face.

At that moment, Little Lotus broke into tears from the sudden “attack”.

He could feel the strong desire to chomp on him emanating strongly from Lord Meh Meh!

Plant type spirits were always highly sensitive to the desires of herbivores.

Fan Zhuo’s eyes widened as he stared at Little Lotus who was being helplessly violated by Lord Meh Meh.

“Little Xie’s ring spirit is a plant type spirit.” Qiao Chu said helpfully.

It finally dawned on Fan Zhuo. Everyone in the Middle Realm knew exactly how much interest a plant spirit would attract from the Twelve Palaces. The innocent would be deemed criminal by the mere possession of a prized treasure others seeked. Jun Wu Xie’s plant based spirit would undoubtedly bring her endless persecution.

If she wanted to live, she had to become stronger than the Twelve Palaces and make them fear to dare lust after her ring spirit.

Fan Zhuo genuinely laughed out loud, his eyes absolutely sparkled.

“After all that’s been said, everyone in this room are enemies of the Twelve Palaces?”

“That’s right.” Hua Yao replied, nodding affirmatively.

“Since that’s the case, let’s all retrieve the Dark Emperor’s treasures and put them to good use!” Upon saying that, Fan Zhuo took out a brocade bag from his hip and opened it up. A old and tattered map drawn on skin lay open on the table.

From what they saw was showing on that map, it really looked very similar to the map they had with them!

Fan Zhuo explained: “My parents had climbed down the Heaven’s End Peak together at that time. A portion of the map of the Dark Emperor’s tomb had been drawn on my mother’s back as well. After my father returned to the Twelve Palaces, he did not come back for quite a time. My mother suspected something had gone wrong and had the map cut out off her back and handed it to me to have it hidden properly. So, the map of the Dark Emperor’s tomb had never been complete from the beginning because the number of people who got to the Dark Emperor’s tomb actually numbered eight, not seven.”

And the last portion of the map to the Dark Emperor’s tomb laid in the hands of Fan Zhuo, the only child who survived against all odds under the endless persecution of the Twelve Palaces.

With the knowledge of this newfound fact, Qiao Chu and the others found themselves in sudden shock.

“We had previously discovered that someone within the Zephyr Academy was in contact with the Twelve Palaces. The Twelve Palaces had given their own portions of the maps to the respective powers they were grooming in the Lower Realm. The piece you hold was not from the Twelve Palaces, so….. Does your father hold another one?” After their goals were aligned, Hua Yao saw no need to hold back their misgivings anymore.

Fan Zhuo shook his head.

“My adoptive father is not in contact with the Twelve Palaces. He knows my real identity and it is impossible that he will establish such a form of contact with them. So, if the information you received is true, then the person that has links with the Twelve Palaces will be someone else, and not my father.”

If not Fan Qi, then who could it be?

Hua Yao and his companions found themselves suddenly having to rethink their options.

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