GDBBM – Chapter 560

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Chapter 560: “Heaven’s End Cliff (7)”

The Twelve Palaces had sent out hordes of their men in those years and there had been no lack of smart and intelligent people among them. Although they had been loyal to the powers they served, they still retained a trace of rationality in their actions. Fan Zhuo’s parents had been such an example. They had reached the Dark Emperor’s tomb a step later than the family members of Hua Yao and the others’ had but had been forced to partake in their agreement with those who had reached earlier. They all had a portion of the map tattooed on their backs before they all returned to the Middle Realm.

But Fan Zhuo’s biological father had felt that something was not right. He did not bring Fan Zhuo and his wife back together with him but had settled them down temporarily nearby the Heaven’s End Cliff.

Alas, what awaited him when he returned back to the Middle Realm was a total nightmare.

He did not have the chance to go back and see his wife and child again. His whole family line was massacred together with him and Fan Zhuo’s mother had been killed right before his eyes while he had sustained severe injuries from the attack by the people of the Twelve Palaces and his body left in the forests to become feed for the carnivorous beasts.

Fortunately, Fan Qi had made it there in time and rescued the severely injured Fan Zhuo.

Fan Qi had been beholden to Fan Zhuo’s parents and Fan Qi had wanted to repay them for the benevolence he had received and decided to raise Fan Zhuo. But the severe injuries inflicted on Fan Zhuo’s body had deteriorated daily and in order to protect Fan Zhuo, Fan Qi had portrayed his own biological son to everyone else as his adopted child and claimed Fan Zhuo as his biological child instead, to give him the best care he could.

It was also to prevent anyone from using his status as an adopted child and mistreat him in anyway.

However, Fan Zhuo’s injuries from young stayed with him, making his life as he grew up to be one filled with pain and torment. Before he came to meet Jun Wu Xie, he had thought that there was no way he would live for much longer and no matter how much hatred he held in his heart for the Twelve Palaces, he did not possess the strength or power to change his fate.

If he was not even able to retain his own life, there was no way he would be able to fight the Twelve Palaces.

It was not until the appearance of Jun Wu Xie, that he saw that his life was about to take a complete change!

Fan Zhuo told the companions everything about himself. His candid revelation of his past greatly shocked Qiao Chu and the others.

Fan Zhuo had been right. They were all still fortunately alive and it was due to one man. Yan Bu Gui. Yan Bu Gui had hidden them all at the Phoenix Academy and successfully escaped from the persecution of the Twelve Palaces, but Fan Zhuo had been more unfortunate than them.

He had not only witnessed the killing of his mother with his own eyes, but had sustained heavy injuries from their attackers. They had injured him all the way into the core and it had made him live his life, greatly handicapped.

Qiao Chu and his companions were all only too aware of how thickly their hatred for their enemies ran within their hearts and completely understood why Fan Zhuo had tested their allegiance in such a manner earlier.

“But things have greatly changed and is completely different now. I noticed that all of you are intending to go find the Dark Emperor’s tomb, why?” Fan Zhuo was calm, the corners of his mouth slightly lifted in a slight smile, looking as if all that he had said had happened to someone else and not himself.

But Qiao Chu and the others could not forget, just a mere moment ago, the terrifying and unbridled hatred that had burned so brightly in Fan Zhuo’s eyes.

“We need to become strong, and the Dark Emperor’s tomb contains the most powerful magical items that exists in the Middle Realm. And once we find the Dark Emperor’s tomb, we would definitely acquire enough strength to exact our revenge against the Twelve Palaces!” Qiao Chu exclaimed after drawing in a deep breath, not intending to hide anything.

Fan Zhuo laughed out loud.

“Not a bad plan, but the Dark Emperor’s tomb would not be so easily located.”

“However difficult it is, we have to give it a try. This is the only way we can attain enough strength to go against the Twelve Palaces.” Hua Yao said resolutely.

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