GDBBM – Chapter 55

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Chapter 55: “Strange Cultivation Technique (2)”

Jun Wu Xie carefully read through the contents of the book she had on hand, in addition to lotuses, there were many other types of plants that could accumulate spiritual energy as well, however those strange plant names, she had never heard of before.

“In addition to lotus seed, where do I get the other type of seeds?” Jun Wu Xie asked.

Little Lotus frowned and hesitated for a moment before replying: “I’m not too sure as well… Most of the names I’m not sure where they’re from but for some of the other guys, I do know of them and where they’re from… It’s just that.. It’s currently out of reach for you.”

“What do you mean?” Jun Wu Xie pressed on as she raised her eyebrows.

Little Lotus dropped his head and his two little chubby hands grabbed his apron and whined: “Those few guys can’t come out yet… So it’s out of reach for you.”

Jun Wu Xie furrowed her eyebrows. What this Little Lotus was trying to say, was really difficult to understand. He always says things that were hard to comprehend.

When he first appeared, he once said that his lotus seeds were eaten by some guy. And now from this little mouth if his he once again referred to some guys. Jun Wu Xie was referring curious to who those guys were.

“Who are they?”

“Contractual spirits……” Little lotus muttered.

“So they have to wait for an owner first before they are able to come out?” She asked.

Little Lotus nodded.. Then shook his head..frowned hard as he was trying to explain himself.

Jun Wu Xue was even more puzzled.

“Erm…Uh..that.. Actually if Mistress practices hard and cultivates properly…you’re sure to be able to find the others… However as you are now…. Isn’t it better to grow my seeds first?” Little lotus hesitated for a bit before looking nervously on at Jun Wu Xie and took two quick steps and stood in front of and raised his little head with a pitiful expression.

“Mistress, you do not need to be in a hurry to find the other plants, ok? I’m sure I’ll be of help to you, can you please start planting me first?” Little Lotus pleaded with his misty eyes.

“……………………..” Jun Wu Xie had a feeling that if she shook her head, he would start bawling.

“Alright.” She affirmed.

Little Lotus immediately laughed and the whole room was filled with a sweet lotus scent.

Jun Wu Xie started looking through the pile of musty old books, searching for one that had a water cultivation method.

Previously she had thought that these were some regular gardening books however after Little Lotus’s explanation, she noticed that the ‘water’ stated in the books were not regular water. The term “rootless water” came out a few times and this “rootless water” was the lowest grade and this was water that ‘flowed out of heaven but have yet descended on earth’, not the waters in the lakes and rivers.

The book described various water plants, one of which was the snow lotus cultivation method.

After reading that portion, Jun Wu Xie’s face went black.

To plant the snow lotus, one needed “water”. To call it water was no longer feasible as the records explicitly stated it needed the water from the heavenly spring.

Heavenly spring? Jun Wu Xie searched through her memories of both worlds but to no avail. She has never heard of this or heard anyone else mention this heavenly spring before.

Jun Wu Xie had always thought that there was always a balance in the world, her cultivation techniques were way simpler than others BUT the conditions were pretty tough. Who can tell her where can she find this heavenly spring?

Do you know what is this heavenly spring water?” She asked Little Lotus while frowning.

Little Lotus shook his head left and right vigorously.

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