GDBBM – Chapter 54

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Chapter 54: “Strange Cultivation Technique (1)”

Little Lotus was sobbing and sniffling as it protested: “T..Those books aren’t useless…”


Little black cat lifted his paw and swiftly swept the top book off the table as it landed with a loud thud.

“Nooooooooooooooo.” Little Lotus face became pale as it scuttled forward and lunged forward to ‘save’ the book as he brought it into his embrace protectively.

Little black cat narrowed its eyes at it looked at the little audacious lotus looking at him with pleading eyes.

Swish. Little black cat ignored little lotus as it swiped another book off the table.

This went on as little black cat continued swiping the books off the table as Little Lotus scuttled about with its tear stricken face and is short legs scurrying around in his bitter attempt to save the books.

“Enough.” Jun Wu Xie finally spoke up, interrupting the little drama of those two.

Little Lotus fell to the floor in exhaustion with its two hands tightly clutching onto the few books that he managed to save, with its teary eyes looking at Jun Wu Xie.

“Why do you hold these books so dear? What do you want them for?” Jun Wu Xie glanced over at the sobbing figure on the ground with her hands resting on her chin.

“It’s not for me, It’s for you, Mistress.” Little Lotus sniffled.

Jun Wu Xie raised her eyebrows slightly.

When she browsed through the books yesterday, they were technically books on gardening, teaching people how to raise plants and flowers. Unless… this little guy wanted her to be a gardener?

“This is…this is… what you all call it cultivation technique.” Little Lotus brought the books over to her with his little hands.

“Cultivation techniques?” Jun Wu Xie was surprised.

Little Lotus nodded.

“Yes, I’m a plant type so you can’t use the ordinary cultivation techniques that you’ve been flipping through. Do not underestimate all these books, they are very hard to come by! The previous owner never found these good stuff so they could not cultivate any spiritual power. I must say your luck is really good…”  Little Lotus tried his best to explain it to Jun Wu Xie, except that his shy and reserved demeanor did not seem to be very convincing.

Jun Wu Xie looked at the books in hand if little lotus had not explained it to her, she really can’t imagine these dilapidated gardening books actually turned out to be prized cultivation techniques!

“Growing plants can enhance spiritual energy?” Jun Wu Xie casually flipped through the topmost book.

Little Lotus nodded enthusiastically.

“What should I plant?” She did not recognise any of the species of plants in the book.

Little Lotus immediately raised his hand and pointed to his nose.

“Me!  Plant me!”

“…………………………..” Jun Wu Xie was speechless. She also could not help but imagine a herself planting the lotus seeds in the earth and when it was harvest time… there were many many little lotuses. Only their heads were poking out of the earth while their body were still buried beneath. This was really quite a scene!

“………………………….” She shuddered for a moment.

“Well, as it states here, as long as you place me in a place with water, well, not me but my seeds and they will start to absorb, develop and grow and accumulate spiritual energy after which only you can absorb. When they grow into lotuses, although the effects isn’t as great like me, eating them will have lots of benefits!” Little Lotus chirped merrily as he blinked his eyes which still had some tears attached to them.

Jun Wu Xie felt that if he had a tail, he would be wagging it happily.

It seems to be easier than the other types of techniques I’ve come across?” She had perused so many variety of  books and they were all rather complicated, some even nitpicked about the way you breathed! These books, on the other hand, were simple, straight to the point.

All you needed to do was to plant flowers!

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