GDBBM – Chapter 543

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Chapter 543: “Chan Lin Town (6)”

Fan Zhuo replied, beaming brightly: “I know a little.”

“Then we’ll leave it all to you.” Without another word, Qiao Chu handed the spirit stone allocated to him to Fan Zhuo.

Fan Zhuo was surprised. He had thought that Qiao Chu and the others would ask him a more on it before they would be properly assured to leave the forging to him as forging a spirit ring was no small matter and if the ringsmith had any ulterior motives and employed a little trickery in the forging process, it would cause great harm to their ring spirits. But Qiao Chu and his gang had simply asked whether he knew how to do it and had fully entrusted the highly important task to him. That had been beyond Fan Zhuo’s expectations.

Following right after, Hua Yao and the others handed their spirit stones over to Fan Zhuo as well, without a moment’s hesitation.

“I trust Little Xie’s judgement of people.” Qiao Chu told him with a laugh.

Their little companion was extremely sharp and astute and if she did not trust this person, she would not have brought him along on the trip.

Fan Zhuo laughed, the laughter shining in his eyes.

“I will not disappoint you guys. But to forge your spirit rings, I will need a few more things. I’ll see if they have anything suitable at the auction.” Fan Zhuo didn’t want to explain too much, he felt that the best reward for their unhesitant trust was to do a good job of it for them.

After the plans were firmed up, the companions starting chatting merrily. With the addition of Fan Zhuo, Qiao Chu played the jester once again and laughter roared within the room.

Hua Yao and the others all similarly felt, compared to the straight laced and unbending Fan Jin, this smiley Fan Zhuo was a lot more pleasing to the eye.

Chan Lin Town had only one auction house and it was simply called the Chan Lin Auction House. They held an auction every three days and today happened to be the day that an auction would be held. After having their dinner, the six companions stepped out of the inn. Compared to daytime, Chan Lin Town was much busier at night. Fire torches shone, lighting up the streets in the dark of night. Bright merry lanterns were lit, hoisted up high, decorating the bustling streets and little alleys.

Many more interesting things were added Chan Lin Town scene at night. Stages featuring various circus acts and opera performances popped up and more hawkers filled the streets peddling all kinds of wares.

The main street was so crowded it was hard to move through it and disciples of the Zephyr Academy made up for a large part of them. People from the various powers had also come seeking these Zephyr Academy disciples. Although the disciples of the Zephyr Academy still had not stepped out into the world, but due to the highly revered reputation of the Zephyr Academy, their youths were already seen to be the cream of the crop. The different powers intended to win the young youths over while they were still inexperienced and guileless, and after they graduate, they would have gained themselves another formidable strength.

It was due to that reason, that Chan Lin Town became especially crowded at these times.

The six youths, melded into the sea of people and were quickly completely swallowed up.

Due to the tight squeeze, Jun Wu Xie did not bring Lord Meh Meh out with her but had left it back at the inn together with the little black cat, forcing the black cat to act as a little custodian.

Along the way, Fan Zhuo wished he had more eyes to absorb more of the sights that surrounded them. The heavy bustle of the endless sea of people made Fan Zhuo’s joy gradually grow. Fortunately for Qiao Chu’s tall and strong frame, he was able to shield Fan Zhuo and Jun Wu Xie, and that had prevented his two companions, one frail and weakly and the other small and petite, from being separated from the group, with the endless waves of trudging people.

Even with their efficient human shield, when the group reached a part of the street where it was less crowded, the clothes on Fan Zhuo were nevertheless rather badly creased.

“This place is really bustling with people!” Fan Zhuo exclaimed excitedly, his face smiling widely.

“You like it?” Qiao Chu asked, panting heavily as he looked at Fan Zhuo. They did not know that he had very nearly lost his shoe as he had waded through the sea of people.

“Not exactly, but it’s a new experience!” Fan Zhuo piped happily.

“We need to cross two more streets before we get to the auction house. If we rush over now, we should be able to still take part in the second half of the auction.” Fan Yan said, referring to the map he held in his hands, comparing the landmarks on the map to the area they were standing at.

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