GDBBM – Chapter 544

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Chapter 544: “Mysterious Black Stone (1)”

Due to its proximity to the Zephyr Academy, a large portion of the Chan Lin Auction House’s clientele were disciples from the Zephyr Academy. People who could afford to enroll into the Zephyr Academy were from rather established families or significant powers. Common trinkets would not be able to catch their attention. Hence, the Chan Lin Auction House had no lack of uncommon treasures, hordes of merchants came here, bringing with them many rare and precious goods.

The Chan Lin Auction House’s auctions starts at dusk. The skies were already fully dark now and the auction was already half done.

When Jun Wu Xie and her companions arrived at the auction house, they were just bringing a new item onto the stage and a fiery bidding war had already started.

They had private rooms in the Chan Lin Auction House and they were situated on the second level. The individual rooms were specially provided for guests who did not like to be disturbed and one can enjoy the use of these private rooms by paying a fixed fee. Jun Wu Xie paid up and the six companions went straight up to the second level.

The room wasn’t too big with three surrounding walls. The fourth side facing the stage was closed up with a beautiful wood carved low rail.

Light refreshments were provided and after the six companions were seated, they turned to look at the item displayed on the stage.

Many of the items put up for auction now were mostly spirit stones and medium grade ones were set as the minimum grade and anything lower than that were all rejected by the auction house.

Jun Wu Xie watched the auction proceed on quietly. Nothing brought onto the stage was able to pique her interest. Neither the next few items auctioned off had caught her attention as well.

When it came to spending money, Hua Yao, Qiao Chu and the others had even less of an interest and only Fan Zhuo was the lone person watching the auction excitedly, looking extremely interested in seeing how an auction worked.

Time passed and they had been sitting in the room for more than an hour and just when Jun Wu Xie was getting bored, a cry of alarm broke out from the first level of the auction house.

That cry attracted the attention of all six of the youths in the room!

On the stage, a black rock of stone about half a man’s height was being carried up. The black stone seemed to be abnormally heavy and the whole rock was jet black in colour, the ragged edges looking extremely well weathered.

A mysterious rock of unknown origins was being brought out for auction like this and it had puzzled many of the people on the floor. The auctioneer fought to maintain his confident smile, but his insides were turning topsy turvy, struggling to come up with a script for the item.

Bringing a rock out for auction, the people were staring at the item in disbelief.

But the person who had entrusted the item to them had been someone the owner of the Chan Lin Auction House was familiar with. That person had repeatedly assured the owner that the item was rare and precious before the auction house had reluctantly accepted it. Just as expected, the item had just been brought onto the stage and it had created sure a furore.

The people seated on the floor were all craning their necks and peering curiously at the mysterious rock of unknown origins, patiently waiting for the auctioneer to give them an introduction of it.

However, the man said with a frozen expression: “This jet black rock, was discovered in lands beyond Heaven’s End Cliff and it contains mysterious power. But the stone is abnormally strong and cannot be cut. If anyone here can solve this dilemma, they can win this item at the asking base price.”

Heaven’s End Cliff was a bottomless steep cliff. The bottom of the cliff is covered by thick fog and no one had ever climbed down from it. People have attempted to scale down the steep precipice with ropes but hundreds of meters of rope still did not bring them down to the bottom and people had not dared travel there since.

It was rumoured that the bottom of the Heaven’s End Cliff, many powerful Guardian grade Spirit Beasts resided and anyone who attempted to climb down to the bottom of the cliff would finally disappear, where they were basically believed to have been swallowed by the powerful Guardian grade Spirit Beasts.

A mysterious place, with its terrifying rumours of being the home for hordes of Guardian grade Spirit Beasts quickly discouraged anyone who held the slightest interest in Heaven’s End Cliff and no one knew of people who had attempted it.

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