GDBBM – Chapter 542

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Chapter 542: “Chan Lin Town (5)”

Lord Meh Meh? Fan Zhuo was getting more and more confused.

“Wait.” Jun Wu Xie said suddenly, after she took out her share of the spirit stones. Under the eyes of Qiao Chu and the others, she reached out and picks out several high grade spirit stones.

“These, I want.”

High grade spirit stones were rare and Jun Wu Xie did not intend to go exchange them for money. The spirit stones would be better used if they were used to forge new rings for their ring spirits, or even brought back to be given to the Rui Lin Army.

Not a single one among the group in the room protested Jun Wu Xie’s actions in the slightest. They allowed Jun Wu Xie to slowly pick from the pile and even helped to pick out a few to place them before Jun Wu Xie.

None of them even bothered to ask Jun Wu Xie what she intended to use those precious spirit stones for.

Jun Wu Xie selected a few out from the high grade spirit stones they had picked out from the pile and handed the rest to Qiao Chu and the others.

Qiao Chu blinked in confusion at Jun Wu Xie’s queer actions and asked confused: “Little Xie, what are you doing?”

Didn’t she just pick them out? Why was she returning them back to him?

“Rings.” Jun Wu Xie said, looking at the ring on Qiao Chu’s finger, linking him to his ring spirit.

It finally dawned on Qiao Chu. Although the spirit rings they wore on their fingers were formed from the ring spirits themselves, there existed a special method where one could enhance them. And the most critical part of the process was to set a spirit stone onto their spirit rings whereby it would increase the ring spirit’s powers, this method was handed down through the ages.

To reforge a spirit ring, besides picking out a suitable spirit stone, a highly skilled craftsman was needed to carry out the forging process to fully amplify the ring spirit’s power from the spirit stone’s enhancements.

Forging a spirit ring was commonly carried out by ordinary jewelers and even though they did not possess the highest skills, the effects were nevertheless already outstanding.

It wasn’t that Qiao Chu and his gang had not thought of doing that before but they had lived being embarrassingly short on money and before they met Miss Moneybags Jun Wu Xie, they could not even afford to buy clothes for themselves, not to mention even thinking of forging spirit rings. They might be able to find a way to hunt for the spirit stones but the cost of setting them in spirit rings were impossibly high and beyond their means. Hence, when they got their hands on these spirit stones, the first thought that entered their minds was to sell them all for money and did not for a moment think of using it on themselves.

Their line of thought had become habitual and they had neglected to consider their own needs.

But the idea had not escaped Jun Wu Xie.

Needless to say, with their current depleted financial situation, the money needed for the forging of the rings would have to be paid by Jun Wu Xie once again.

“Erm….. Should we use this period of time to find someone to forge the rings for us?” Qiao Chu was deeply grateful but seeing how close they all have gotten, he was feeling slightly too awkward afraid that he would seem a little soft to outright express his gratitude.

Jun Wu Xie nodded.

The strength that the high grade spirit stones would provide was extremely high and there was never enough of a supply in the market. But not being able to find a Guardian grade spirit stone was Jun Wu Xie’s main regret.

The power a Guardian grade spirit stone would give them, would make the enhancements a high grade spirit stone gave absolutely insignificant.

“If you need someone to forge spirit rings, maybe I can help.” Fan Zhuo who had been silent all this while suddenly spoke up, a wide smile beaming on his face.

“Huh? Little Zhuo, you know of a way?” Qiao Chu said, looking at Fan Zhuo with eager anticipation.

Fan Zhuo smiled gently at him and nodded.

“If all of can trust me, I can forge the spirit rings for all of you. What do you say?”

Once Fan Zhuo finished with his statement, Qiao Chu and the others suddenly stared at him in wide eyed wonder.

Did he just say he will forge our spirit rings himself and did not mean that he would be getting someone else to do it?

“Little Zhuo! You know how to forge spirit rings!?” Qiao Chu asked with a loud gulp, as he surveyed Fan Zhuo’s slender and thin frame.

That skinny arm and stick thin legs are capable of lifting a hammer?

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