GDBBM – Chapter 541

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Chapter 541: “Chan Lin Town (4)”

Not only the youths dressed in the Zephyr Academy’s uniform were frightened into running away, but even the other guests in the inn had stared in wide eyed horror and disbelief at the slowly dissipating yellow light from Jun Wu Xie’s hand.

A fourteen year old yellow spirit…..

Once news of this spread, it was sure to leave many people shocked!

If they had not seen it for themselves, they would never believe it no matter how many people told them about it.

Having gotten rid of the pesky flies, Jun Wu Xie returned back into the inn and threw out an ingot of silver to the innkeeper.

The flustered innkeeper hurried forward to catch the ingot, his forehead covered in a sheen of sweat.

“Compensation.” Jun Wu Xie said simply.

The innkeeper nodded eagerly and did not say another word.

Towards a youth who was so prodigiously gifted, the innkeeper would never dare to say a single word against him. Moreover, the youth was extremely generous and the compensation given was enough for him to purchase five of those marble pillars.

“Little Xie, your methods are a little vicious.” Qiao Chu slunk up to come beside Jun Wu Xie. The other group of people involved in the confrontation with the Zephyr Academy’s disciples had been him, Hua Yao, and company.

“Why should I waste my breath?” Jun Wu Xie asked, an eyebrow raised.

Qiao Chu grinned like a fool.

“Little Xie, these are your companions?” A slender figure stepped out from the crowd, carrying the little black cat and Lord Meh Meh in his arms, a wide smile beaming on his face. His gentle and friendly gaze swept over the group of youths standing beside Jun Xie.

Jun Wu Xie nodded.

“And this is?” Hua Yao asked, a quizzical look on his face.

Fan Zhuo said with a laugh: “My name is Fan Zhuo, and I came here with Little Xie.”

Hua Yao was surprised and Qiao Chu and the rest had a queer expression on their faces. They had heard Fan Jin mention about his own little brother before and now that Qiao Chu was seeing the person in the flesh, Qiao Chu’s face could not help but take on a look of sympathy.

Fan Zhuo was looking rather puzzled, not knowing why Qiao Chu and the others were looking at him so weirdly.

It made him feel that Qiao Chu was pitying him.

“So you are Fan Zhuo, you’re so pitiful my brother.” Qiao Chu exclaimed with a sigh and patted Fan Zhuo on the shoulder, as if he couldn’t be anymore obvious.

So, this is the poor guy who is the fiance of that black widow of a woman. What a poor guy!

Fan Zhuo didn’t know how to react to Qiao Chu’s melancholy greeting, thinking that Qiao Chu was pitying him for his weak body and could only manage a weak smile as he said: “I’m feeling much better now, all thanks to Little Xie.”

But the pitiful look on Qiao Chu’s face did not diminish in the slightest.

Fan Zhuo was even more puzzled.

Fan Jin had arranged for a room for each of them and after the six of them have gathered, they separated and each went to check out their own rooms before congregating once again back together in Jun Wu Xie’s room.

Fortunately, the room was big enough or they would have a hard time squeezing so many people in.

“Come come come, hand over your spirit stones.” Qiao Chu sat down at the table and threw out all the spirit stones he had, scattering them on the table. The pile of spirit stones grew, a myriad of colours, as Fan Zhuo stared at them with his mouth agape.

Within the pile of spirit stones, there were quite a few of them that belonged to high grade Spirit Beasts and those were so precious that no amount of money could buy them.

But Qiao Chu had so nonchalantly thrown so many of them onto the table and that had shocked Fan Zhuo quite a bit.

But Fan Zhuo was in for quite a bit more of a shock as following Qiao Chu’s lead, Hua Yao, Fei Yan and Rong Ruo followed suit and took out their share of spirit stones as well. Even Jun Xie took out a bunch, and they all heaped upon the table.

As he watched the pile getting higher, Fan Zhuo’s eyes grew wider.

“These….. are all from the Spirit Hunt in the Battle Spirits Forest?” Fan Zhuo asked in amazement, looking at Qiao Chu and the others.

“Just a small part. Most of it was contributed by Lord Meh Meh.” Qiao Chu replied with an easy laugh, not forgetting to flatter Lord Meh Meh lying flat with its hooves splayed out by Jun Wu Xie’s feet, throwing the sheep a look of adulation.

Lord Meh Meh immediately stuck its chin up arrogantly, its little wooly ball of a tail wagging in approval.

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