GDBBM – Chapter 540

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Chapter 540: “Chan Lin Town (3)”

“About that I would like to ask, the room has already been reserved, is it reasonable for someone to just pay more and be able to lay claim and assume priority over its use?” The youth blocking the stairway scoffed.

“It’s not up to you to say whether that is reasonable. But who in the world would reject more money? If there is more money to be made, the innkeeper would be stupid not to accept it.” The youth from the Zephyr Academy said.

Seeing that the two groups of youths were about to engage into a brawl, Jun Wu Xie suddenly walked over to them.

“Reservations, can be changed?” Jun Wu Xie asked of the stunned innkeeper.

The innkeeper stared blankly at her for a moment and he shook his head.

“Our humble establishment never did have such a rule. But these few days happen to be the rest days for the Zephyr Academy’s disciples and many of them have come to the town, causing a room crunch everywhere, resulting in…..” The innkeeper was at a loss. His inn was considered one of the most popular inns in Chan Lin Town and even though their prices were high, the disciples from the Zephyr Academy never had a lack of money to splurge and hence, this inn had become the most popular inn among the disciples of the Zephyr Academy.

But the inn had limited rooms and just a few days ago, someone had come in had made a reservation for several of their rooms. The innkeeper had already accepted the money in payment for those rooms and had not expected such a tricky situation to occur.

Several other disciples from the Zephyr Academy had suddenly come in and saw that there were several rooms still vacant upstairs and had insisted on taking them by paying more money. At that same moment, the guests who had made the reservations came in and when the two parties met, the situation turned out to become like this.

The innkeeper was having a major headache and did not know what to do. He was reluctant to offend the disciples from the Zephyr Academy and neither did he want to contravene the rules set in the inn.

Jun Wu Xie listened to the innkeeper’s explanation without a word and then turned to walk up towards the arrogant youths from the Zephyr Academy.

The tiny figure suddenly flashed into a brilliant yellow streak of light and before the youths even realised what was happening, they were suddenly swept up within a powerful force and with a whirlwind of screams, the youths found themselves involuntarily thrown out the door of the inn’s wide doors!

The whole inn fell into absolute silence. All eyes were fixed on the small tiny figure who had suddenly thrown out such a forceful attack.

The youths outside were thrown into complete disarray and they saw stars under the midday sky. It wasn’t for a long while before they recovered themselves adequately to shout back: “Who are you! ? You dare to lay your hands on us! You must be tired of living!”

They shook their heads to clear the dizziness from their heads. Their eyes fell on the tiny figure standing at the doors of the inn. The eyes on that face with its delicate features stared coldly at them, and fell on every single one of them in turn.

“Didn’t all of you hear what the innkeeper said?” Jun Wu Xie said, her chilly gaze beginning to  turn frosty.

“Jun….. Jun Xie…..”  One of the youths among them stammered, recognising the infamous character among the disciples of the Zephyr Academy. He had found himself suddenly frozen, when his eyes saw the tiny figure before his eyes.

Whereas the youths in the other group that had been caught in the confrontation had paused when they saw the tiny figure, and broke out in smiles a moment after.

“Little Xie! You’re here at last!” Qiao Chu put his foot back down and walked up with his face beaming.

Jun Wu Xie glanced at him a brief moment and turned back to face the disciples dressed in the Zephyr Academy’s uniform. She lifted a tiny hand and rested it upon a marble pillar by the main doors of the inn.

A loud crack split through the air and the cold hard stone beneath her hand crumbled into dust under the power of her concentrated spiritual power in her palm.

The youths outside the inn shivered at the sight.

“Scram.” Jun Wu Xie said softly.

The youths scrambled to quickly get away from there. Jun Xie had a notorious reputation in the Zephyr Academy, and those rumours had carried with them on his great spiritual powers. All the disciples knew that he had broken through to the orange spirit level at the young age of fourteen, but they never would have dreamed it possible but they saw with their own eyes that the glow surrounding Jun Xie was brilliantly yellow!

That was the glow of a yellow leveled spirit!

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