GDBBM – Chapter 539

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Chapter 539: “Chan Lin Town (2)”

“We’ll be reaching Chan Lin Town in a little bit. Does Little Xie have anything you would like to buy there?” Fan Zhuo asked, with his cheeks in a slight blush as he gingerly carried the little black cat in his arms. He did not dare move too much and used only his fingertips to lightly smooth out the little black cat’s fur.

“I’ll take a look around first.” Jun Wu Xie replied, rubbing Lord Meh Meh’s full bodied wool, as her eyes narrowed in satisfaction.

She did not have much she would like to buy, but a heap of things she would like to sell.

Besides the pile of spirit stones that they had gathered from the Battle Spirits Forest, Jun Wu Xie had in hand a batch of her elixirs. They were refined while she was with the Qing Yun Clan, when she had nothing much to do, and they accumulated to quite a haul.

On this trip to the auction house, she intended to see whether she could find a suitable sort of pill furnace or something suitable for her elixir refinement. It was to give her something to busy herself with while she was idling in the Zephyr Academy. Ever since Yan Bu Gui had given her the cosmos sack, she had not had to worry that she would have too much stock of elixirs and could not store or carry them with her.

Fan Jin might be a little to compassionate, but he was nevertheless meticulous when making his arrangements for them. He had not only arranged horse carriages for Fan Zhuo and Jun Wu Xie, he had even arranged everything to the last detail for Qiao Chu and the others. From ample space for them on the carriages to their reservations for lodgings in Chan Lin Town, nothing was missed out. Once they reached Chan Lin Town, Jun Wu Xie would not have to worry about locating the rest of the group to gather them altogether.

The well planned arrangements had allowed the two people who had a weakness for cute and fluffy animals, to travel free of worries, and indulge themselves by cradling and stroking one cute fluffy creature each in the carriage, the expression on their faces filled with blissful content.    

The carriages rumbled along, and finally reached Chan Lin Town.

They were just in time for lunch, and the streets were filled with people. Many of them were youths dressed in the uniforms of the Zephyr Academy, lugging big and small bags on their backs, tirelessly weaving through the crowd, making their way to reach all the corners of Chan Lin Town.

The one thing that the disciples of the Zephyr Academy did not lack was, money!

The coachman sent his two passengers to come right before the doors of the inn that Fan Jin had arranged for them and drove the carriage away to rest somewhere else after dropping his passengers off.

This was the first time Fan Zhuo was seeing such bustle of people going about their own activities and business. The hawkers on both sides of the street were shouting out their wares and though it was midday, the overhanging lanterns lent a festive ambience to the scene and as he watched the crowds of people bustle by, Fan Zhuo’s eyes sparkled in awe.

The two of them were dressed in casual clothes and when compared to the youths dressed in the Zephyr Academy’s uniform traversing the streets, they were seen to be less conspicuous.

After he had his fill of the sights, Fan Zhuo finally raised his foot to enter the inn with Jun Xie.

But before he could even digest all the different things he had just seen, a shout coming from inside the inn almost tore the roof off!

“What a joke! First come first served, don’t you know that! ? We already reserved the room in advance, why should it be given to you?” A familiar voice hollered within the inn and Jun Wu Xie who was walking in beside Fan Zhuo raised her eyes slightly.

Within the main hall on the ground level, several youths were split on two sides, engaged in an argument.

One of the group of youths were dressed in the uniforms of the Zephyr Academy and they stood with their chins lifted high, their stance incorrigibly arrogant.

On the other side, were three guys and one girl. They were rather young and a handsome youth among them currently had one foot planted on a stool, adamantly blocking the way up the stairs to the second floor.

The other guests within the main hall were all watching with anticipation at the sparks flying through the air. The owner and assistant were watching on worriedly. They wanted to go forward to say something but they did not dare to make any rash move.

A youth from among those wearing the Zephyr Academy’s uniform stepped forward and laughed jeeringly at the youths blocking their way.

“Good dogs do not obstruct the way of people. First come first served is just nonsense. The inn is a place of business, and they would naturally let the room to whoever is able to pay. If you think that is unfair, you can jolly well outbid us. If you cannot, then go do your barking someplace else!”

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