GDBBM – Chapter 53

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Chapter 53: “Followed (2)”

All these years, Long Qi had been solely responsible for the care of Jun Qing, never meddling in any others of Lin Palace’s affairs. With Jun Wu Xie sneaking out at night, just having some of the elite shadow guards following her would have sufficed, there wasn’t a need to have Long Qi personally guarding her.

Her medicines seem pretty incredible, they have really won quite a number of people over!

Jun Wu Yao frowned slightly, not waiting for her to say anything, he turned her back, with one hand on her waist, the other hand clasping her jaw and lifted her face.

Under the moonlight, a face that could move countries was replaced by a plain ordinary face.

As Jun Wu Yao’s rough fingertips gently rubbed against her delicate lips, he gave a teasing and playful grin.

“Really ugly.” The foreign face with the different facial features staring back at him really made him want to wipe them away completely.

“Do not look then.” Jun Wu Xie frowned, she really could not understand what was on his mind.

He rarely stayed in Lin Palace, his presence was very elusive. He would sometimes surprise her by suddenly appearing, at times not a single trace could  be found. As he had said before, he had no animosity with Lin Palace meant no harm to them. He only tampered slightly with their memories, when those people see him they will remember his identity. Or else, no one will think of him, if he’s not around Jun Xian and Jun Qing almost forgot his existence.

“I want to go back.” Jun Wu Xie voiced out rather abruptly, as she looked down at this hands, suggesting him to let go.

“Alright, let’s go back together.” Jun Wu Yao said as raised an eyebrow as he suddenly lifted her up and carried her like a princess.

“………………” Jun Wu Xie glared at him.

Jun Wu Yao paid no heed to her silent threat as he whisked her out, the little black cat following closely behind.

On the street, Long Qi was angry at himself for losing sight of Jun Wu Xie as he searched frantically. He heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Jun Wu Yao carrying Jun Wu Xie in his arms as they came out from a dark alley.

“Young Master, Miss.” He called out but he was secretly astonished that he could not sense the presence of his Young Master previously.

Without even giving a glance at Long Qi, Jun Wu Yao simply continued to carry Jun Wu Xie as they headed back to Lin Palace.

Long Qi silently followed behind them.


The whole incident of Jun Wu Xie was simply ‘forgotten’. When the sun rose the next day, Jun Xian and Jun Qing did not bring the matter up as Long Qi still followed Jun Qing and tended to him as they carried on their daily routines.

As soon as Jun Wu Xie and the little black cat entered the pharmacy, little lotus was called out in a firm voice by the little black cat.

[You rascal, come out!]

A trembling little figure could be seen as it quickly sprawled into the ground on all fours with its head bowed down.

Jun Wu Xie had her arms folded across her chest, looking at that little figure with a cold glare.

Little lotus shook involuntarily.

The room was quiet.

After half an hour standoff, little lotus could no longer bear the suffocating pressure. He started to cry out, with his watery eyes looking pitifully looking at Jun Wu Xie.

“Do not leave me……. P..Please do not …*sniff* me back.” Little beads of precious tears came rolling off his cheeks. He quivered as he looked over at Jun Wu Xie. He knew that he had incurred the wrath from his master when it appeared on his own accord in Ghost City.

Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes as she gave him a piercing stare.

Little lotus small legs began to shiver again.

[When I said that you were useless, I didn’t think that you were that useless, even forcing Master to get these dilapidated gardening books. Tell me, what are we going to do with these musy old things?]

Little black cat jumped onto the table as one of its paws touched the pile of old books that were placed there as it looked menacingly at little lotus.

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