GDBBM – Chapter 533

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Chapter 533: “Seeking Torment, In a Pair (1)”

Fan Jin found Gong Cheng Lei very quickly, and the answers he got from him, left him in a state of shock.

He gathered that Ning Rui had been helping Fan Qi to source out tonics suitable for recuperation for many years and Ning Rui had frequently visited Fan Qi’s personal kitchen. When he thought back to Jun Wu Xie’s guess, Fan Jin had to seriously consider that possibility no matter how much he hated to.

Ning Xin had masterminded an attempt on his life, and her father could very possibly be the very culprit to have drugged Fan Zhuo’s meals to kill him.

Fan Jin was greatly shocked and heavily devastated. He could not make himself imagine that the two people he had trusted so much all this time and treated almost like family members would deliberately plot to kill him and Fan Zhuo.

With a numbed and heavy heart, Fan Jin brought and shared his findings with Jun Xie and Fan Zhuo before he left with heavy steps.

He needed time, to digest all that he had found out today.

“The shock must have hit my brother quite hard this time.” Fan Zhuo sighed and lamented as he saw the downcast figure of his brother as he walked away into the distance.

Jun Wu Xie was sitting off one end of the bamboo bench in the yard of the bamboo grove and Lord Meh Meh was happily chomping up the fresh green grass around her feet.

“A time will always come, when you have to wake up from your dream.” Jun Wu Xie said, cradling the little black cat in her arms.

Fan Jin’s character had always been like this. He tended to beautify everything around him. And because of that, he was always brimming with enthusiasm and even when all the rumours about Jun Xie had dragged his name into the mud, he had not cared a whittle and still fiercely defended Jun Xie.

That character trait was both good to have, and bad to possess.

In days of peace, people like that would be greatly revered, but when faced in situations when one was surrounded by danger, they were most easily killed.

“What should my brother do from here on? My father’s character is exactly the same as his. Unless he is convinced himself of the suspicions, even if my brother and I tell it to him, he would not suspect his own fellow disciple.” Fan Zhuo found a spot under the shade to sit down, feeling rather helpless on how to handle the Fan father and son. If not for their overly trusting nature, they would have discovered the Ning father and daughter’s scheme much earlier.

“We wait and see.” Jun Wu Xie did not intend to interfere much.

It did not matter to her how the Fan father and son reacted, she decided as long as she knew what she needed to do, that was enough.

Fan Zhuo smiled, and as he stared at the hot noon sun, his heart warmed.

When Ning Xin appeared once again at the little bamboo grove, the smile was still on Fan Zhuo’s face, as his smiling eyes fell on the figure of a youth standing behind Ning Xin.

“Big Brother Zhuo. This is Yin Yan from the Spirit Healer faculty. He was roommates with Little Xie previously and he sort of misses Little Xie after having not seen him for such a long period and so I brought him along with me. Hope we are not imposing on you much.” Ning Xin exclaimed, smiling extra sweetly. After being snubbed the last time, she had needed two days to recover before she was able to make herself come here once again.

This time, she had brought along Yin Yan, and she was very clear what she wanted to achieve here today.

Fan Zhuo smiled good naturedly but Yin Yan’s face took on a rather dark expression as his eyes stared piercingly at Fan Zhuo, the enmity in them obvious.

Ning Xin betrothal to Fan Zhuo had happened quite some time ago and word of it had leaked into the Zephyr Academy. But as Ning Xin had very rarely interacted with Fan Zhuo, the matter of the betrothal had slowly faded and almost forgotten. Yin Yan had admired Ning Xin for a long time now and had been earnestly hoping to win the beauty’s heart. But now, he had actually been brought all the way here to see Fan Zhuo, which tore at his heart mercilessly, and he really could not find it within himself to smile at the person before him.

His eyes surveyed Fan Zhuo up and down, and a mocking laugh sounded in his heart.

So what is he is the son of the Headmaster? He is still a piece of useless trash that already has a foot in Death’s door. A guy who is about to die anytime, cannot be worthy of Ning Xin in anyway!

He completely disregarded Fan Zhuo in his heart, and his face did not show much respect either. His disdain showed outwardly undisguised, and he deemed Fan Zhuo to be beneath his notice.

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