GDBBM – Chapter 534

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Chapter 534: “Seeking Torment, In a Pair (2)”

Fan Zhuo was just as cordial as he always was, as if he was totally oblivious to Yin Yan’s uncivil behavior and he courteously invited the two of them in for tea.

Ning Xin sat for a while but when she saw no sign of Jun Xie, she began to grow anxious and said: “Why isn’t Little Xie here?”

Fan Zhuo replied easily: “I think he should be in his room.”

“Little Xie seems to like peace and quiet. Little Yan stayed together with Little Xie for a period before, he must have missed Little Xie after so long.” Ning Xin said smilingly as she looked at Yin Yan. Yin Yan’s expression froze, he was extremely reluctant, but when he remembered Ning Xin’s earlier orders, he had no choice but to mutter noncommittally:


He had never lived under the same roof with Jun Xie before. The first night that Jun Xie was admitted into the academy, Yin Yan had not gone back to the dorms. And when he got back, Jun Xie had already moved out.

It could be said besides the first time they met, Yin Yan had never seen Jun Xie in the dormitory again.

Fan Zhuo only laughed and did not say anything in reply.

Ning Xin tried all ways and means in various attempts to make Fan Zhuo invite Jun Xie over but Fan Zhuo didn’t seem the get the hint and only smiled at her and spoke about everything else except for Jun Xie.

Ning Xin was getting more and more anxious but she did not dare make her intentions too clear and abrupt.

It was even more infuriating for Yin Yan. He was forced to witness Ning Xin defer gently to Fan Zhuo and spoke in a soft demure voice, in an intimate manner, which shattered Yin Yan’s heart to pieces.

It was only after many hours that Jun Wu Xie finally appeared, and Ning Xin and Yin Yan felt a sudden wave of relief wash over them.

“Little Xie.” Once Ning Xin saw Jun Xie, she immediately put on her best smile and discreetly prodded Yin Yan on his arm. Yin Yan’s expression was rather stony when he saw Jun Xie. His mind was suddenly filled with the scene that he witnessed in the Battle Spirits Forest that day and his mouth felt to have been sealed tight, his lips turning purple.

Jun Wu Xie glanced once at Ning Xin very briefly and proceeded to walk over to a chair on one side to take a seat. Lord Meh Meh’s hooves tapped on the ground as it followed obediently behind her and when it saw Ning Xin and Yin Yan, its tiny body suddenly stopped.

It remembered that youth, it had disturbed its rest just the other day.


[Feedtress! Bad people here!]

Yin Yan’s face darkened as he looked at the tiny sheep staring angrily at him, and a twitch started to tug at a corner of his mouth. “So this is the Spirit Beast that Little Xie brought back from the Battle Spirits Forest? It’s….. rather cute.”

As he could not find himself liking Jun Xie a single bit, Yin Yan grabbed at any topic at hand to attempt to strike up a conversation.

“Little Meh, come.” Jun Wu Xie did not even bother to look at Yin Yan and waved at Lord Meh Meh. Lord Meh Meh’s hooves tapped on the ground once again and stopped beside Jun Wu Xie’s feet. Jun Wu Xie reached down and carried the tiny sheep into her arms and the sheep continued to stare angrily at Yin Yan.

[Bad egg! Eat you up!]

“Ahem, Little Xie, when do you intend to come back to the dormitories?” Yin Yan was sitting on pins as he had been rather badly shocked by the scene in the Battle Spirits Forest. He no longer dared to act rashly before Jun Xie now.

Jun Wu Xie lifted her eyes and watched Yin Yan squirm under her stare but he was still trying to appear enthusiastic. After a while, Jun Wu Xie finally said:

“Who are you?”

Yin Yan stony expression turned green upon hearing Jun Xie’s words.

Ning Xin was suddenly taken aback. She had not expected Jun Xie not to know Yin Yan.

How was that possible!?

Hadn’t Jun Xie been snubbing her because of Yin Yan all this while? Why was Jun Xie looking like he did not know Yin Yan at all?

“Little Xie, don’t you recognize Yin Yan? He shared the same room with you in the dormitories before you know?” Ning Xin prompted gently with a smile, as she carefully observed Jun Xie’s reaction.

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