GDBBM – Chapter 52

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Chapter 52: “Followed (1)”

“Oh no, I’m finished. I screwed up again. When I go back, that group of people will never let me hear the end of it.” The unkempt youth drooped his head down in dejection as he walked back to his stall.

Jun Wu Xie’s luck wasn’t very good, after scouring through the whole of Ghost City, she still could not find a suitable cultivation method for herself.

During this trip, she had not gained anything. All she had were those few gardening books and she even made a loss of three bottles of elixir.

It was late in the night and not a single soul could be seen.

On an empty street of the Imperial City, Jun Wu Xie and the little black cat were on their way back, the lonely silence of the night with the moonlight shining on them, elongating their shadows – only her footsteps could be heard. She walked back in resignation with her mind full of thoughts.

As they continued walking, the cold wind was howling loudly through the dark streets. As they turned at the corner of the street, with the veil of darkness shrouding it in its entirety, an outstretched arm reached out for her and pulled her into the darkness.

“Meow!” The cat called out shrilly.

Jun Wu Xie was drawn into a warm embrace as the man behind her hugged her from behind, gently pressing a finger over her lips with breath of warm breath beside her ear. A deep enigmatic voice hushed her.

“Shhh.” The black shadow directed it this time to the black furball.

The little black cat stiffened.

“Going out so deep into the night all alone is not a very good choice.” The deep voice said in a teasing voice as he breathed down her slender neck. She trembled slightly.

“Jun Wu Yao, let go of me!” Without turning back, Jun Wu Xie knew who it was right away.

This playful voice was ingrained deep within her.

“Hold still, its so cold at night. Look, your body is so cold,here, let me warm you up.” Under the veil of darkness, Jun Wu Yao smiled contentedly as he held her close and hugged her even tighter. He loved this feeling, so small and petite and her body was so soft.

“I’m not cold.” She retorted.

“Oh? I’m cold, you help me warm up then.” The chuckled as he leaned in further bending slightly, chin resting on her shoulder.

“Your are really not aware of your surroundings. You need to be more alert, you’ve been followed by other people for a whole night and yet did not notice.” His dark purple eyes narrowed. Her small stature coupled with her faint scent of herbs made it unbearable for him to let her go. She fitted perfectly in his arms.

“I thought you are not considered a person?” She replied calmly, never once had she thought that he was a normal person.

“I’m not referring to myself…” Jun Wu Yao raised his hands as he used two fingers and gently clasped her chin and turned her head to the direction of the street.

Along the deserted streets suddenly appeared a tall figure anxiously looking for something.

The moonlight shone on his face and his features were slightly revealed.

“Long Qi.” Jun Wu Xie immediately recognized that man.

“Lin Palace has so many guards, yet you ran out in the middle of the night, turning the whole palace into a state of frenzy. Once you stepped out of Lin Palace, the news already spread to Jun Xian.” Jun Wu Yao hugged her closely as he spoke to her in a playful yet soothing tone.

“Long Qi really knows how to show his gratitude, personally protecting you in the dark.” Jun Wu Yao scoffed as a dangerous glint flashed across his deep purple eyes.

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