GDBBM – Chapter 524

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Chapter 524: “The Wind Kicks Up (3)”

“The truth of the matter was that Li Zi Mu was the one who started the whole farce and Yin Yan was inexorably duped into playing along with it.” Ning Rui said with a meaningful glance to Ning Xin.

Ning Xin’s eyes lit up and a smile grew on her lips.

“What Father means is for Yin Yan to go apologise to Jun Xie.”

Ning Rui nodded, satisfacted. “This time, do not fail me again, or I will really be utterly disappointed with you.” Ning Rui’s steely gaze fell on Ning Xin suddenly felt the chill from those eyes. Even though they were linked in blood, Ning Xin was still extremely fearful of her own father.

“I won’t…..” Ning Xin gulped, as she hurriedly reassured.

However, things did not turn out the way as what Ning Xin and Ning Rui had planned.

Ning Rui had intended for Lu Wei Jie and the other over twenty disciples to become scapegoats for the disaster his daughter had caused and thought that the fact that Lu Wei Jie had a soft spot for Ning Xin all this while would make Lu Wei Jie be willing to hide the real truth behind the matter for her.


Ning Rui did not know that Ning Xin had hidden part of the truth from him. In order to save herself, Ning Xin had quickly only brought Yin Yan back with her and left Lu Wei Jie and the rest of the team in the lurch which had almost caused all of them to lose their lives.

In view of the circumstances, there was no way Lu Wei Jie would hide the truth for Ning Xin, especially when they got to know that he and the other over twenty disciples were to be driven out of the Zephyr Academy while Ning Xin and Yin Yan did not suffer any form of punishment in the least.

Lu Wei Jie was absolutely outraged!

At the mains gates of the Zephyr Academy, more than twenty disciples who had been expelled from the Zephyr Academy stood, theirs faces in tears, all dressed in civilian clothings after they were made to change out of the Zephyr Academy’s uniforms, staring forlornly at the academy they had grown to become so familiar with, their hearts heavy.

They thought back to the day they had first come here, inspired to achieve their lofty goals, having stood out among the sea of applicants fighting to enroll, and had dreamed of the day that they would one day shoot up the societal ranks. But now, they had nothing left. They had not completed their studies and they had been thrown out by the Zephyr Academy. All their dreams and aspirations were suddenly shattered and the pieces lay crumbled upon the ground before them.

“Senior Lu, what are we supposed to do in future?” A disciple among the group asked as he looked sadly at Lu Wei Jie. Before the gates, many disciples had congregated, here to watch the miserable worms who had been abandoned.

Lu Wei Jie’s face was ashen as he stared at the whispering disciples grouped together within the Zephyr Academy, and the rage within his chest reached an inferno.

“What to do! ? Since the Zephyr Academy is not giving us any other way out, then we need not observe or consider any sense of propriety for the academy as well! We can just bring them down with us! I will no longer hold this dump of an academy dear to my heart!” Lu Wei Jie shouted angrily.

The Zephyr Academy had after driving them out of the academy gates, said that those disciples possessed dubious characters and were despicable in their deeds.

That critique from the academy had inadvertently also killed the futures of all those disciples. With such a testimonial coming from the Zephyr Academy, which other respectable academy would be willing to take them in?

Lu Wei Jie was almost exploding with rage. The prospects for his future had been shining bright. As the second in rank in the last Spirit Tournament, he had everything he wanted going for him. But he had been bewitched by a slut and had committed a huge wrong, which finally destroyed his own future and the whole responsibility for it had been thrown onto him. But the one person from whom the whole scheme had originated from, had used her father’s powerful position as the Vice Headmaster, to escaped unscathed. She had not only not been expelled by the Zephyr Academy, but was still enjoying her unchanged status as the Senior Ning that all the disciples respected.

Based on what! ?

A slut like that, a shameless girl like that, why should he allow her to achieve the great future that was denied to all of them! ?

Lu Wei Jie’s expression became grim as his rage and the sense of injustice in his heart grew. It gave him the courage and determination to finally step forward and stand before the gathered disciples behind the gates, and shouted out loudly!

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