GDBBM – Chapter 51

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Chapter 51: “Slapping one’s face – Again and again…and again (3)”

While looking at the sparkling star dust trailing off her fingertips, Jun Wu Xie did not have a single trace of emotion shown on her face.

Everyone stood at their spots petrified and stared at her dumbfounded with their eyes and jaws both wide open.

Mo Xuan Fei and Bai Yun Xian were absolutely livid.

From the beginning, this kid had no intention to win their favor, what this kid did was akin to slapping them in the face!

As she swept off all the remnants off her hand, she looked at Mo Xuan Fei in the eye as she slowly trailed her pinky finger across her neck as she looked at him provokingly.

Mo Xuan Fei was seething and had almost gone ballistic. The veins around his neck were popping out.

If this wasn’t Ghost City, he’d have killed this arrogant young punk a million times!

Bai Yun Xian bit her lower lips she stared viciously at Jun Wu Xie.

Feeling satisfied from watching Mo Xuan Fei’s expression, Jun Wu Xie turned around and handed the box containing the nine Eastern Pearls over to an unkempt youth behind.

“My book.” She demanded.

The youth froze for a moment as he absentmindedly handed over the few dilapidated books to her.

As the crowd saw the exchange being carried out, their mind frazzled.

This kid…is not that stupid… right?

Crushing priceless gems into dust easily and now traded a box of precious Eastern Pearls for…for a few dilapidated books?!!

Everyone went crazy.

This kid really had character! He was too rich! Too domineering!

When Mo Xuan Fei saw that Jun Wu Xie had changed those lustrous Eastern Pearls for some old and worn out books, he almost vomited blood. Some of these books had some of their covers partially torn, these books were in such bad condition that even if they were left by the roadside, no one would have bothered taking a look at them. These books were actually traded for NINE Eastern Pearls?

Today, he was really humiliated to the bone.

Once Jun Wu Xie had gotten hold of the books, she could feel Little Lotus’s happiness. Now that all has been settled, she turned to leave.

“Little Guy! When you have time please come again! Come by whenever you are free, no matter if it’s Eastern Pearl or whatever Spiritual Gems you are looking for, I have plenty!” The old man clamoured after her.

After she left, Jun Wu Xie felt someone following her from behind. She whirled around and saw the unkempt youth. He blinked a few times and gave her a rogue smile.

“What do you want?” She asked coldly.

“Well, I was wondering if you still have any more of that elixir you’ve just traded? He scratched his head in an embarrassed manner.

“You said you had no interest?” Jun Wu Xie frowned. It was because he had rejected her elixirs that she had to go through all that just now.

“Uh, I did not know you had such quality elixir, in such places usually nothing of that calibre appears. “ He answered truthfully with a sheepish tone. He did not even put Qing Yun Clan in his eyes, what more could a young kid offer?

However when that old man opened the bottle, he knew he had made a huge mistake!

“Well, didn’t you say that you would give me one?” He asked as his dirty smeared face hid some of the redness.

“That box has NINE Eastern Pearls.” She cautioned.

Previously she had promised him an elixir but now that she had paid in double, she no longer needed to pass him a bottle of the elixir.

What’s more, he didn’t want it in the first place!

“I can pay you five!” He quickly offered.

“I don’t need.” She answered immediately as she turned around. She still needed to find a suitable cultivation method for herself.

Seeing her leaving just like that, the unkempt youth scratched his head in a depressed manner as he looked at the box of pearls in his hands in frustration.


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