GDBBM – Chapter 517

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Chapter 517: “The Relentless Little Tail in the Shadows (8)”

Lord Meh Meh might not be overly smart but its battle power was rather impressive. It made for an excruciatingly adorable pet and could efficiently double up as a strong melee force. It was an extremely welcome addition to Jun Wu Xie in her relentless pursuit of power and strength.


She did not even have to fork out anything to feed it. As long as grass grew wherever they went, Lord Meh Meh would be well satisfied.

“Its name is Lord Meh Meh? You named it?” Qiao Chu asked, his face incredulous.

“It told me.” Jun Wu Xie said stoically.

“…..” What an unbelievable Spirit Beast this was, it not could transform, it was able to give itself a name. But….. what kind of a wacky name was that! ?

“Erm….. Although I’m a little overwhelmed right now, but it’s not too bad. With Lord Meh Meh here with us, we wouldn’t need to worry about spirit stones anymore.” Qiao Chu said, rather optimistically.

For a Guardian grade Spirit Beast to take on other Spirit Beasts, it would be just like slicing through radishes, it would be so easy!

However….. Qiao Chu quickly realised that he might have been a little too naive!

The possibility that ordinary Spirit Beasts would confront a Guardian grade Spirit Beast was equivalent to a big fat zero. Lord Meh Meh would unquestionably be able to kill the other Spirit Beasts within a second, but there was a prerequisite before that!

They had to find Lord Meh Meh a target first!

The Guardian grade Spirit Beast following behind them doggedly, like a tail on Jun Wu Xie’s back, its hard hooves tapping incessantly upon the ground and it would take a chomp of the grass, as it followed closely behind Jun Wu Xie. Although by all looks, it looked every inch to be just a dumb sheep in its current form, it was nevertheless a genuine and fully authentic Guardian grade Spirit Beast and the aura that emanated from its mere presence, had well alerted all Spirit Beasts in a hundred meter radius and all the Spirit Beasts had long scattered in all directions from the overwhelmingly powerful aura of Lord Meh Meh before Qiao Chu and the others could even approach their targets!

Killed in a blink?


Blink all you want!

Find it a Spirit Beast in the first place!

Qiao Chu could not even find the tears although he really wanted to cry at that moment.

Till the last night before the Spirit Hunt was scheduled to end, Qiao Chu and the others had not even seen the shadow of a single Spirit Beast within the vast Battle Spirits Forest. The dark dangerous forest which had crawled with Spirit Beasts before, suddenly seemed that they had all become extinct, where they were not able to find a single trace of them.

Sitting beside a fire, Qiao Chu looked crestfallen as he stared at Lord Meh Meh who was grazing the grass around the feet of Jun Wu Xie, his eyes filled with resentment.

“It’s all your fault! We did not even smell a single Spirit Beast!” Qiao Chu was indignant. He felt as though he had been conned.

Lord Meh Meh raised its head. It looked at Qiao Chu and tilted its head, its face looking rather puzzled.

“You can’t blame it for that. The aura of a Guardian grade Spirit Beast is too strong and it had decreased quite a lot by taking its current miniature form. If Lord Meh Meh had remained in its original form, not to mention a hundred meter radius, you double the distance and you still wouldn’t begin to dream of seeing a single Spirit Beast.” Fan Jin said with a laugh, feeling extremely happy that Lord Meh Meh had chosen to join the party. He had been feeling very guilty towards Jun Wu Xie and seeing Jun Wu Xie gain such an exemplary Spirit Beast as her protector, he was really happy for her.

“Spirit Stones! Spirit Stones!” Qiao Chu moaned, his hands covering his face, having no appetite to even eat.

“We had quite a haul of Spirit Stones from before, the last few days would not have made that big a difference right?” Fan Jin saw Qiao Chu’s mournful look and could not help but feel a little curious. The team had successfully hunted down a good number of Spirit Beasts throughout the Spirit Hunt and that had included quite a few high grade Spirit Beasts. With this result, they would most definitely stir up quite a storm after the Spirit Hunt ended, so why was Qiao Chu still feeling so miserable?

“You wouldn’t understand.” Qiao Chu said with a heavy sigh.

The few of them in the gang had intended right from the start to not hand their Spirit Stones over to the Zephyr Academy. To these poor youths who had lived in abject poverty for years, these spirit stones were precious money, rarely available to them. They had not enrolled into the Zephyr Academy aspiring to become diligent and studious disciples, and the Spirit Hunt had just been a bonus activity for them. They were not about to give up such a large amount of treasured Spirit Stones in exchange for mere scores!!

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