GDBBM – Chapter 516

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Chapter 516: “The Relentless Little Tail in the Shadows (7)”

The fact that the Snow Lotus would give out such an effect was something that even Jun Wu Xie had not thought of.

Qiao Chu and the rest did not understand what the dumb sheep had said, and neither did they know what the little black cat had said, so they only stared at Jun Wu Xie blankly, waiting for her to explain.

Jun Wu Xie had no choice but to briefly explain the dumb sheep’s bleating to them.

“So that means when it ran off suddenly when it battled us before, it was all because of Little Xie?” Qiao Chu asked as he rubbed at his chin. He had wondered at that time why such a powerful Guardian grade Spirit Beast would beat a retreat that quickly.

The dumb sheep possessed a high level of spirit consciousness and had understood what Qiao Chu said. It lowered its head sheepishly, as if slightly ashamed, one of its front hooves pawing at the grass on the ground.

[Actually, at that time, it had run away just because it was terribly afraid of pain…..] [But that, would remain a secret. No matter what, it would not tell this to them!] [Humph!] [Not one word!]

“Meh~ Meh~” The dumb sheep raised its head and looked at Jun Wu Xie, its eyes unusually determined.

[I want to stick to you for now onwards!]

The little black cat’s mouth was twitching as it did its best to fully translate the dumb sheep’s words for Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie remained silent, but did not choose to reject either. She stared at the dumb sheep, looking as though she was contemplating whether to accept or reject.

The dumb sheep blinked its eyes innocently at Jun Wu Xie and suddenly, it seemed to have remembered something. It tipped its rotund spherical body and fell to the ground on its side. It continued to struggle and kick, and finally managed to flip itself on its back, exposing its little belly all covered in wool, while it straightened all four of its short hooves outwards.

The dumb sheep’s compromised position looked so comical Qiao Chu immediately doubled over in laughter, clutching at his tummy.

“What is this! ? And coming from a Guardian grade Spirit Beast at that! Ha ha ha….. This is just too funny…..” Qiao Chu was wiping the tears flowing down his face.

The dumb sheep ignored Qiao Chu totally and remained in its position, not moving an inch.

[Humph! Stupid humans! It ingenuity would never be understood by common humans like that guy there!]

Jun Wu Xie suddenly squatted down on the ground and stretched out her hand to rub the dumb sheep’s belly. That incredibly soft and fluffy touch on her fingers made Jun Wu Xie close her eyes in satisfaction in an instant!

“You can come with me, but you will have to listen to everything that I say.” Jun Wu Xie said as she continued to rub on the dumb sheep’s belly.


[It just knew that its ingenuity was unparalleled! Meh~!]

The dumb sheep had actually not so dumbly remembered that Jun Wu Xie had seemed to be very interested in the wool upon his body when she had carried it in her arms earlier. It had suddenly been struck with this ingenious idea to sacrifice its chastity to win Jun Wu Xie’s acceptance.

After having tasted the grass nourished by the Snow Lotus’ essence once, it had not been able to forget the sweet succulent taste and did not want to eat normal grass anymore. If it was not able to follow Jun Wu Xie, it might very well turn to skin and bones soon without tasting that unforgettable divine taste again!

“Name.” Jun Wu Xie asked.

“Meh~ Meh~”

That did not need translating and the little black cat was spared the task.

“Meh meh?” She asked, an eyebrow raised.

“Meh! Meh!”

[It’s Lord Meh Meh!]

The little black cat translated, its whiskers quivering.

“Lord Meh Meh?”


Qiao Chu and the rest of the team stared wordlessly as they watched a human and sheep converse. The conversation was interspersed with the little black cat’s meowing and all of the people watching were terribly confused.

After setting the conditions with Lord Meh Meh, Jun Wu Xie no longer stopped it from following them. And having acknowledged its new “feedtress”, Lord Meh Meh was hopping happily along, chomping up a circle of grass around Jun Wu Xie’s feet. The look of absolute satisfaction showed just how pleased it was with the feed.

“You really want to keep it?” Qiao Chu was still unable to come to terms with this sudden new development. People came to the Battle Spirits Forest to hunt Spirit Beasts and retrieve spirit stones. Jun Wu Xie outshone everyone in this aspect, besides killing Spirit Beasts, she was bringing one back with her!! And a Guardian grade one at that!

What kind of heaven defying luck was that! ?

“Mmm.” Jun Wu Xie nodded. If the concern regarding its lifespan is addressed, she couldn’t have been more pleased to keep a cute furry live pet.

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